Death du Jour – Fragments of Perdition

DEATH DU JOUR was conjured up by TK (guitar, vocals), OM (guitar, backing vocals), PB (bass) and TF (drums) in early 2000 and have already a debut EP on the way (Gamashinoch). Fragments of Perdition follows on the path shown in the debut, but the approach is more technical, more chaotic, grinder and heavier.

An introduction that reminded me the soundtrack to The Dark Eye (Pc Game based on Edgar Allan Poe’s tales, particularly The Cask of Amontillado) was certainly a mood-setter. However, it did not prepare me for the brutal assault represented by Grace by Chalice of Anger. Fierce, brutal death metal – the way it is supposed to be. The band’s conceptual dimension is simply quoted as “Hate, Anguish and Egoism towards humanity and all its forms”.

This expression of this disdain is perfectly mirrored in the band’s aggressiveness but it is an “orderly” aggressiveness, with song-structures without an apparent pattern, but well thought-out. There is a healthy amount of influences in the songs from MORBID ANGEL to CRYPTOPSY and CANNIBAL CORPSE. In the end, the songs are varied and some riffs are really good and morbid. We are dealing with skilled musicians here and, while not being necessarily a breath of fresh air in the Death Metal scene, Fragments of Perdition is still worth the listen. The formula is successful in the band’s addition to good music is the good production (Pop-Studio, Mika Haapasalo).

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