D’Evil Leech Project – Bleed your Mind

The band now known as D’EVIL LEECH PROJECT was born under the black mark of the year 1994. Back then, the moniker was DEVILEECH and the debut album (Leechtron, 1999) brought forth a band simultaneously aggressive (Death Metal vein) and slightly industrial (not only due o some of the musical passages, but also because the band has rejected the human drummer from an early stage, in favor of a sequencer).

Bleed your Mind is the long-awaited follow-up and is the end result of a thorough metamorphosis in the band, starting with the name. the songs are not nearly as industrial as one might at first expect there are samples and passages that do confirm the band’s reputation for cybernetics, but the music itself has firm roots on classic Death Metal. They are also technically demanding, more often than not. Some of the riffs are highly inspired by CANNIBAL CORPSE (check out MOduS Op3r4nd1 or 30 Seconds Intercourse), but the range of influences is rather broad.

On a different note from the very first live shows, the audience has responded positively, but the modern shows are particularly striking, for the visual support is intense and treads on cybernetic paths. I is an interactive union between sound and image to further illustrate the band’s concept.

The D’EVIL LEECH PROJECT is currently brought to you by Alfredo Cassis (throat, previously in local DM ac SANNEDRIN), Diogo Coelho (bass guitar), Nuno Carola (guitar) and Paulo Marçalo (guitar).

Official Sites Devileechproject | Ragingplanet

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