DevilDriver – The Fury of Our Maker’s Hand

I could just talk about Dez Fafara, former Coal Chamber frontman and now Devildriver frontman, well well Mr Dez how times have changed…or maybe not, after the separation from Coal Chamber (just for flaming their best album by far was Chamber Music), he quickly formed a new group, going from the goth>nu>metal that Coal Chamber played to…well…Thrash Metal, that sure surprised me, and i always like a good surprise, Devildriver play a by the book Thrash Metal, sure it touches parts of Rock/Death but hey that’s nitpicking, it’s thrash, actually quite a soften thrash to say the least.

This “The Fury Of Our Makers Hand” follows closely their previous effort, well Dez voice is a bit rougher and there seems to be a search for a heavier more death metal sound, but overall its actually very close, they could join both of them on a double cd, the formula is simple simple lyrics repeated into infinity (trademarked by Dez for sure), a metalcore inspired thrash, loads of breakdowns and shouting for chorus, that obviously are one “you can’t speak on thrash chorus” liners, that is not to say it isn’t good, it’s good, just not good enough, there are indeed a lot of very nice tracks, like Grinfucked”‘s death feeling, “Hold Back the Day”, for its… “i don’t really know, it reminds me of some band”…humm, also “Sin And Sacrifice” and “The Fury Of Our Makers Hand” because it reminded me of the goth like talk he used to do on Coal Chamber..hehehe.

Well with this coal>devil thing we can truly see the influence for good and for bad of Dez in the sound of a band (just like Max), for good i guess the grooviness of the musics, it always sounds good and never too harsh, weird since i seem to be constantly shouting, for bad the one sided simplistic lyrics, yeah no one can shout ME like Dez can, but you know repeating always the same thing is not really that original, good for the breakdown for sure, but not that outstanding, i still have the feeling that this is “The Dez Show” and that if it weren’t for him this band would never get the exposer that it has (as well as a contract), there are a couple of bands that do it better and don’t get as much credit as such, well what can i say? at least it isn’t nu metal and it does seem a lot less pretensions, so ill give Mr Dez a pass and go listen to it one more time.

Devildriver – Hold Back The Day

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