Dim Mak – Knives of Ice

Guess what?! The time has come to speak about one of the best kept secrets in death metal.
Yes, I’m talking about Dim Mak. Dim who? Mak. No, not the Chinese Death Touch. I mean… yes and no.

Let’s see. You know Morbid Angel right? So you must know Erik Rutan. Erik Rutan left Ripping Corpse to join Morbid Angel. Later he left Morbid Angel and assumed full-time Hate Eternal [he’s side-project at the time]. So what happened to Ripping Corpse? The guys formed Dim Mak. Named after the Chinese Death Touch, this tech death metal band has as a lyrical theme martial arts and stuff. I know it sounds weird. Forget about that. Dim Mak rocks.

“Knives of Ice” is their third album. And shit, they are better then ever. If you know Hate Eternal [check out Soundcult’s review] you’ll love this motherfucker.
By the way… Do you know Origin? [check out Soundcult’s review] Well, John Longstreth from Origin joined forces with Dim Mak and hell yeah he thrashed that drum kit.

This is the most Hate Eternal’ish record of Dim Mak. Erik Rutan and the guys in Dim Mak have some elements in common, like some kind of riffs and the solos are pretty similar – you know that slow harmonies stuff.

I’m am not going to do a one-by-one review on this one. Consider this an informal review.
The album follows pretty much the same vein I described anyway. Expect killer riffs, amazing oriental melody hooks and shit.

I consider this Dim Mak album to be in level with the Hate Eternal ones. Do I need to say more? I can only imagine what this guys would sound with Erik in the band. Fuck yeah.
Check out “Intercepting Fist” and “Enter The Dragon” too, if you dig this album.

Dim Mak – Seeing Crows in Silver

Dim Mak – Incident at the Temple at Leng

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