Disturbed – Ten Thousand Fists

I was never into Disturbed, the reason? well they debut album although groovy sounded like a ripoff of too many bands for me to pay attention, not only that, amongst watered down bands like Drowning Pool, i would go the easy way and put everyone in the same bag, now some years have passed and I’m not the kind to discard something just because of it’s ill past, so I’m giving a go at Disturbed’s Ten Thousand Fists, well for first… nice name, the number 10000 seems to be popular nowadays.

Well the album starts with “Ten Thousand Fists”, yes i know, we are not in the land of original shit, well it’s kinda groovy, even though i can listen to the guitarrs it all sounds strangely as a pop song, even more when the electronics come into play, this is one confusion of a song, i really can’t say if it’s good or not, but it’s sure full of cliches, i’ll skip to “Just Stop” uhh more electronics (how surprising), damm this is some shity shit, if your gonna make sissy music, please just do it well, what the fuck is this, this is fucking “unlistenable”, damm.

Here comes “Guarded” and damm, this is retarded music, the guitars all sound the same, shit everything sounds the same, and i know when shit sounds always the same, i’ve been listening to black metal, do people like this shit?, i’m losing my faith on the fucking mindless masses, ahhh i skipped to “Striken” shit they are replaying the same shit they did 5 years ago, same screaming, same riff, same shit, damm i hoped they … whatever.

The rest of the album goes in the same direction, this is one shitty album, i though the Mudvayne album was a complete mess, but shit at least it sounded honest, Mudvayne want to make shitty music, hell they can do what the fuck they want, but this “album” from Disturbed is an insult to my ears and to everyone’s intelligence, this is making music (if you can call it music) just to make money but worse, it’s the same fucking thing they have always made, they were shitty 5 years ago, now they are a bunch of motherfucking losers, they should be “ass”hamed of putting this excuse for toilet paper on stores, anyone that buys this is fucking loser in my book, now I’ve got to do a trepanation just to stop the fucking ringing in my head.

Disturbed – Stricken

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  1. Holy shit. Or should I say: Holy CRAP. Now I have to go listen to In Flames latest record to forget this shitty song. Fight fire with fire they say…

  2. Disturbed are far from awesome, besides doing a shitty album, they are and always have been an unoriginal band, that copy instead of creating (listening to them is like going on a deja vu trip), that have musical skills as much as Britney can sing, and worse they like her are a stereotype and want to be one, so nothing new, nothing great…

  3. shut the hell up foo, disturbed are whiny 12 year old metal. and even if you are a whiny 12 year old, you still probably have more balls then disturbed. I honestly dont see how anyone can listen to this crap and think they are ‘metal’, or whatever the fuck theyre going for.

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