Fear Factory – The Best Of Fear Factory

Why oh why, am i reviewing this, well the main reason is … well I’ve been trashing Fear Factory for years now, people would start to think i hate those fuckers, far from it, and this “The Best Of Fear Factory” is a good opportunity to do so, sure it might seem that i only like the older Fear Factory, if you think that, you would be right, for me after Obsolete there is only shit, wait let’s just ignore the last couple of albums and concentrate on this best of, i know, i know this is Roadrunner Records dropping their back catalog, and their choice of tracks is a bit… shall i say it, obvious, so let’s have a look.

Martyr, Scapegoat and Scumgrief are from the album Soul of a New Machine, from the album Demanufacture (possibly their best and one of the all time best metal albums) brings us tracks, like Demanufacture, Self-Bias Resistor, Zero-Signal and Replica, from the album Obsolete, comes Shock, Edgecrusher, Ressurection and Cars, from the album Digimortal you just get the measly “Linchpin”.

Only Linchpin? you might say, yeah because that album had such “memorable” tracks, yeah the suckiness of it all sure was memorable, it sucked like the rest that came after, it only makes sense for Roadrunner to put the good tracks, sure if it was up to me it would be almost all Demanufacture, but if you take Scumgrief, Edgecrusher and Linchpin its almost a perfect best of.

If you asked, i would say to pick Soul of a New Machine, Demanufacture and Obsolete (i did), or if you are unfamiliar with the “old” Fear Factory, sure, buy this one and then go and buy the other ones, don’t bother even listening to Digimortal because it will make you bald and hate Christian Olde Wolbers, or Archetype because it’s an oxymoron, since they were able to not rip themselves off, or whatever that means as well as Transgression because i said so, ohh shit i hope you all don’t think i hate these dumbasses, HELL NO, they are still one of my favorite bands of all time, they just suck for now, thank god they can’t distort time (even thought listening to their latest albums does make me pass out) and undo what they have done.

Official Site Fearfactory.com

Fear Factory – Resurrection (wondering why only one track, because it’s the only one that’s available online from roadrunner and it’s on this compilation and it doesn’t suck (like Edgecrusher))

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