Gallery of Mites – Bugs on the Bluefish

GALLERY OF MITES belong to the supergroup category, as it is made up of members of other big names of the stoner scene. The ten-member line-up includes: John Kleiman, Tim Cronin, Phil Caivano, Joe Calandra and Ed Mundell (MONSTER MAGNET members), Stugollin (HALFWAY TO GONE), Tommy Southard (SOLACE), Jim Baligno and Mike Schweigert (LORD STERLING),  now how is this for an all-star gathering of stoner souls?

Musically, GALLERY OF MITES is an homage to the band member references, as Bugs on the Bluefish is a powertrip to 70’s hard rock and some of the 60’s (lack of) charisma. Bands that immediately come to mind: STOOGES, early ROLLING STONES and a truckload of other well-known acts the traditional stoner will undoubtedly recognize. Speaking of which, there is yet a track with MONSTER MAGNET members backing former KYUSS/ current HERMANO vocalist John Garcia, probably a cocktail-molotov of orgasmic nature for thousands of stoners around the world (100 Days).

Despite the good technicality and the obvious quality of the musicians, Bugs on the Bluefish did not really sound that magnificent, but it should please very man die-hard revivalists anyway. This is probably ideal as a soundtrack to a crazy Summer.

Cover Gallery of Mites – Bugs on the Bluefish

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