Gizmachi – The Imbuing

Uhh no? Well according to my intelligence report Gizmachi is a New York act that supposedly plays a hardcore rock nu metal kind of thing, the supposedly part will come later, it seems they are the first release from Slipknot’s Clown new label, uhhh, well here comes “The Imbuing”.

Ok, the first music “The Answer” is suspicious… singing “i have regrets”? sure they have regrets, this is one shitty song, its a idiotic mash of nu metal,hardcore and melodic metalcore cliches, i would have loads of regrets, especially when they start their pseudo guitar solo, damm i thought the worst had already came, wait i want to be fair, let’s just check the next one, “Wandering Eyes” hum? damm i think i heard this one before… in the likes of Dry Kill Logic or American Head Charge now i’m fucking scared and excited in a bad “oh dad please don’t touch me on my especial place” kind of way, then comes “Bloodwine” uhhhh nice … SHIT, and i thought Mudvayne’s last album was shit, this one is like going to some trashy road side public bathroom and lick the most disgusting toilet seat you can find, just to feel that warm moist of a fresh bowl.

I’m just going to skip to please my sadomasochist appetites, “Burn” is … oh fuck i lost what i was doing to say, let’s just skip to “Romantic Devastation” hum? i just can’t believe this, i swear i already heard some of this riffs before, like in Limp Bizkit?, not that they are the shittiest on my shit list, but is Gizmachi on the recycling business?, this music makes my rectum spasm, I’m actually trying to force myself into a anal blackout, at this point i’m just instinctively skipping, into “Wearing Skin”, Ok this is ridiculous, they aren’t even copying great bands, just the shitty ones, this is embarrassing for both sides, “People Show” is … i don’t really care, it’s like .. i quit.

This Band supposedly plays something, i see it like… do you like Macdonalds?, or any fast food for that matter? Well if you like recycled dog meat then this is for you… heheh just kidding, it’s more like if you eat a burger it won’t kill you and it might even be good for you, but eating a dozen will most likely give you a heart attack, the same goes for Gizmachi, sure if i listen to one of their tracks on my car radio i might headbang a little and maybe even enjoy it, because it just doesn’t sink in, with all the noise and distractions, but listening to the entire album is a different matter, quite disturbing i might say, and i highly NOT recommend it … for health reasons, you understand.

Gizmachi – The Answer

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  1. What kind of asshole are you??…are u Britney spears or any stupid pop girl…theyre awesomeee…seems like u don’t have ears or are u deaf??? or retared??…shit…come on!! hace some of goos taste

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