Glass Casket – A Desperate Man’s Diaries

This guys have shit, point blank simple, this “A Desperate Man’s Diaries” from Glass Casket is a pearl in a sea of fucking mediocrity, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself, Glass Casket play …. hummm i would say some form of eccentric Death Metal, because they cross a lot of borders, like Hardcore, Grindcore and a lot of bits from here and there.

After a sissy intro we get into the groove of it all with “Too Scared to Live” (actually the featured track as well, so go check it out) and damn if it’s not just a a nice piece of music, smooth going in smooth coming out, by smooth i mean freakin awesome, well it starts off with some death grind, followed by some more straight Metalcore style rockin, then it speeds up again to a hardcore breakdown, then some more slowed down Metalcore to some off the wall guitar solo.. well i think so, i didn’t expect that shit, great stuff, it brings you to guitar solo followed by another hardcore one/two, great track, its a great combination of old school death/hardcore but with a different structure for added freshness, this track sums really well the rest of the album.

I can point out tracks “Less Like Human” or “A Cork Stops the Whining” or “Post Traumatic Death” for the solo work, hell this album is a dream come true for a lover of guitar solos, it has shitloads… i mean really a lot of funky guitar solos, i actually went and checked the guitarists (found out that a couple of the members are actually members of Between the Buried and Me), guitar solos and Hardcore breakdowns, you gotta love them both.

So Glass Casket is closer to 3 feet under? Humm, shit no, i liked this one, it sounds fresh, it has a lot of different stuff thrown into the mix, sure it lags in some places, it still has a lot of Hardcore/Grind and that always makes things a bit tiresome, but in my opinion, removing the first and last track (mostly filers than really something interesting), this is a great album and i can recommend to anyone that likes Death Metal, Metalcore or Hardcore, or in another view someone that really appreciates guitar solos, go get it…

Glass Casket – Too Scared to Live

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