God Forbid – IV: Constitution of Treason

Ohh Dear Lord, i’m tackling again the metalcore genre, well at least the kids from God Forbid are somewhat original and have a knack for tasty songs, yes metalcore, but just like nu-metal it doesn’t mean necessarily bad music, just that it seems to be the genre with the most mass appeal and therefore there seems to be a tendency for bad bands to flock to were the “appeal” is, anyway God Forbid have a good track record, especially because even though they aren’t the world’s greatest they do tend to make good albums, and as we can see later on, this one is a keeper.

Humm just like Mastodon, God Forbid went for a sort of epic album, with focus on the day to day living in america and it’s probable future, sure i would think going for a more bizarre future than one filled with maggots and wastelands would be a plus on the originality scale, nevertheless it’s an epic, and i’m a sucker for epics, anyway it sure is refreshing comparing to the “riff raff” they are in, were going for the “easy riff” and the “oh i lost my tooth brush and i’m lost in a sea of confusion, why doesn’t god love me, why did my girlfriend left me?” … hell I’m sure I’m plagiarism someone, like every epic, it has it’s twists and turns, so i’ll try to point out my favorite “turns”.

The album starts well enough with “The End of the World” that is a good album starter, then comes a more God Forbidish track with “Chains of Humanity” followed up with “Into the Wasteland” and one thing i can add right there is that the pace is really good, good track, after good track, (i still have nightmares with the latest in flames album) the album goes on with a couple of more gems like “Divinity” or “Crucify your Beliefs”, even when they slow things down we see the point and it seems to be on the right place (too much yelling and walls of sounds have killed perfectly good albums).

I’m giving God Forbid a clean bill of health, for one, they sure don’t like the state of things and we can all relate to that, for second, yeah, sure, it’s metalcore, and if your in that genre, you aren’t good enough, because, i guess if you did something extraordinary you wouldn’t be a metalcore band, and with all the things attached to that “ohh so charming label”, they did a good job, hell they did a great job, the album runs smooth, it’s heavy (in a metalcore way), it’s catchy and balanced, so i guess…well, i feel strange saying this, buying this album is actually a good idea, hehehehe enjoy ^^

(as a side note i said “metalcore” only 5 times, i must be out of my mind)

God Forbid – The End of the World

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  1. The track sounds like… Chimaira with The Haunted. Mostly Chimaira. I can handle one Chimaira. Two Chimaira bands… I’ll pass -_-

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