Hate Eternal – I, Monarch

Hate Eternal has already managed to overcome the “just a side-project” syndrome right on their second album – and a killer one, I might add. I’ll skip the part were I would talk about Erik Rutan‘s great work on Morbid Angel, his departure and how he managed to assemble one of the best extreme death metal bands in the Universe. Erik has nothing to prove by now. H.E. truly has conquered the death metal throne – or at least the podium. So what does Erik and the rest of the guys present us with “I, Monarch”?

I must say that they have presented us one of the most interesting extreme death metal works of all time. Erik’s composition is getting better every time I listen to new H.E. material. In a genre that tends to create barriers on it’s evolution, Erik has managed to breakthrough on each record, showing us a tremendous evolution in the H.E. sound, technique, composition and production – Erik is a producer himself and has is own studio (Mana Recording Studios).

When talking about H.E. we must talk about Derek Roddy also (though he just left the band). Presently he is one of the best death metal drummers ““ if not the best. He did a great work on “King of All Kings“, but with “I, Monarch” Derek went completely berserk, creating probably the best death metal drum work I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening. We all know that blast beating all the time is no fun, but I think Derek presented us a refreshing extreme drumming approach. From a non-standard drum kit to complex pattern decomposition, Derek showed us that it’s not all about playing fast.

Imagine top level death metal guitar playing plus top level drumming plus Erik’s known musicality and we have “I, Monarch”. This is a “must have” to you all death metal fans. At this pace, Hate Eternal will DOMINATE!!! [Morbid Angel watch out!]

Hate Eternal – Behold Judas

Hate Eternal – I, Monarch

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