Hatebreed – Supremacy

Gimme my money back, that’s the impression i had with this one, for a moment there i thought i had bought their 2003 album “The Rise of Brutality”, well it seems not, Hatebreed is what i like to call the “best hardcore franchise on the planet” on one hand they do break shit up on the other, they seem to sell their asses to any redneck that crosses their way, just like the life cycle of a product, they are on the maturity stage, it seems their last album just brought them there and they just stabilized there, is this a good thing? or is the decline stage on it’s way? Ohh and the new album is called “Supremacy”, let’s have a look/see/listen.

It all starts with “Decline” …. how… appropriate? lucky lucky coincidence, anyway it starts pretty much how you start to expect from Hatebreed, Jamey Jasta hasn’t lost a bit of his powerhouse vocals, its a straight by the numbers hardcore track, then comes “Horrors of Self” and guess what…more of the same, this time with chants ….uhhhh… am i supposed to take this seriously?, don’t get me wrong its good, but it’s nothing especial, then comes “Mind Over All” and i actually like this one it sounds like … can’t put my finger, catchy as hell, a bit confusing on the middle, but nice, “To the Threshold”, same old stuff, but not that catchy (yeah i’m already at the point that i only like a track if it’s catchy), well it closes good enough, then “Give Wings to my Triumph” moving along moving along, “Destroy Everything” well a bit hazy until about 1:40 for a nice twist.

I start to have that… there isn’t anything new, that impression just gets a boost with “Divine Judgment”… oh well more of the same, “Immortal Enemies” same things, “The Most Truth” is boring stuff, “Never Let it Die” is actually interesting because it doesn’t goes straight to the “Hatebreed Formula”, that doesn’t mean it’s excellent, only really interesting, “Spitting Venom” is next and i’m quite bored with this album, “As Diehard As They Come” is same o/same o, “Supremacy of Self” closes this endeavour, and it’s actually one of the best of the album, so you know it’s kicks ass, but not that great at the same time.

I don’t know, if i have outgrown Hatebreed type music, but one thing is certain, expectations are killers, as you can see by my “over enthusiastic review” this one is … let’s say ok… there is nothing new, there are some really kick ass tracks (as usual with Hatebreed, the end is always when the kick ass”ing” starts), but there is a lack of originality, a lack of technical proficiency (they don’t seem to have gotten better since their last album), and to be honest all that forced feed “positive” lyrics have on me the exact opposite reaction, they sound to me like bullshit, sure he says it, but does he really mean it? i don’t think so, and if he does, he must be delusional, things like hate the hate and shit like that just sound like a marketing ploy, sorry, it’s not because I’m filled with hate, it’s more because i was filled with expectations…

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Hatebreed – To the Threshold

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