Head Control System – Murder Nature

There was a little bit of push and shove for me to talk about Head Control System, the only background i was given, is that this is some kind of side project by some big shot metalhead from Reaktor and whatever, and as such i would expect….. hard rock?? well lets see if Head Control System is any good…

So the album starts with “Baby Blue”, nothing until 1:40 then…what a confusion, i think 4 people are trying to sing something at the same time, well unlike good grass this is some bad shit, i tend to believe the most important thing in hard rock (aka Godsmack/Creed/Nickelback) is that it has to be catchy, you can fucking do whatever, but when it gets to the chorus, you better give me some catchy shit, the shit has to rhyme or just sound great, goddamn i’m half way into the first track and i’m praying they don’t jump on a Limp Bizkit/Linkin Park breakbeat, hell that and they have that annoying siren like sample always playing in the background, ohhh shit…they did go into a Limp Bizkit/Linkin Park breakbeat, i must be fucking psychic? or was it psychotic?, they must be fucking kidding me, well lets just skip to the next one, maybe i’m just overreacting, here comes “Skin Flick” and…. ohh great a Tool ripoff, i know i was a bit mean to Tool, but this is worse, there is a reason why Tool are Tool, damm, I’m starting to wonder about my life, why am i doing this?, why do this guys do this to me, i don’t deserve this, i want my mommy.

Better clear my mind, and continue, “Masterpiece [of Art]” … Linkin Park anyone?, “Blunt Instrumental” actually a interesting instrumental interlude, thank god, at least they aren’t trying to play anything, “It Hurts” another unbalanced song, everyone seems to try to do their own thing, to the point of being irritating, i actually have no idea if anyone on this album is good or not, it all feels like telling Slayer to try and backup Cristina Aguilera, it would surely be as much of a bloody mess as this is, and it just doesn’t get better, “Watergate” has the worst chorus i have ever heard, i feel my life force draining away,”Seven” same shit, “Kill Me” i don’t know what this is…, “Wonderworld” for a moment there, i thought the name of the song was Waterworld, well different name, same disaster, “Rapid Eye Movement” didn’t i skip a track?, “Falling on Sleep” …

“Murder Nature”, ohhh yes, there is murder in the air, i have this images of me backstage of a Head Control System gig, with a wooden club with a nail in the point, this is one of those… WHAT WERE THEY THINKING kind of moments, this is really really REALLY bad music, i will spend the rest of this week listening to Tool just to make this go away, well that or i’m wrong and this is indeed a groundbreaking album, far ahead of its time and by that i mean. it can only be appreciated when human evolution has made the use of ears redundant and because of that, people just like to see the lines going up and down on equalizers, i feel like i lost years of my life that i’m never going to get back, i’ll only say this, if you have to choose between alcohol, drugs or smokes and “Murder Nature” you’ll be better off with things you know won’t kill you right away, so no mp3.

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  1. Yeah but that’s not an excuse for such a badly meshed album, i was told that this was a long distant project, not all the members live close, so parts would have to go back and forth, and recorded in different places, maybe that’s why is such a mess…

  2. I think you should give up drugs and shit music so you could manage to understand at least some notes of this album because this is just the worst album review EVER written. Maybe your retarded ass-shaped ears are just too crappy to understand anything… oh, wait, you compare it to Tool, Linkin Park… oh, yes, your listening ability must be SERIOUSLY fucked up. The “awesomely bastard siren sample” you talk of (or vomit) is just two notes on a fucking electric guitar that are played from beginning to end of the song, as on almost every song, there is a melody on the background. “Kill me” is just recorded backwards. The riffs and the beats are worth of the wettest dreams of any Tool member, if they had any that was not sent to shit by cannabis. Oh, wait, maybe that is your problem, you use grass just to be cool rather than to expand your listening. Another note: learn to write. But, before, stop listening to music and go to school. Don’t skip classes to go out and smoke pot with friends, you little devil. For your information (if you can read), there are only two members, the musician (from Portugal) and the singer/lyricist from Norway -by the way, the lyrics are “automatic writing” and more intelligent than your whole family together. Fuck off.

    Por cierto, yo buscaba las letras, pero nunca las publicaron.

  3. the same way you have a right to say what you think, so do i… it’s shitty, and what you said didn’t change my opinion of it, it kinda just made me feel proud of this review, ohhh and i said linkin park and tool, but that doesn’t mean these are the only bands i know, just the ones that came to mind, hell i know thousands of shitty bands like head control system ^_^ thanks for the comment and visit

  4. the reviewer is a waste of life. this is the best album of 2006 hands down. One of the most unique and original ever and garm is one hell of a vocalist

  5. yeah and just cause you said it… it means its true… righttttt ^_^’ last time i checked everyone has a right to an opinion… i have mine, you have yours, i don’t insult you just cause i think you are wrong, now do i…. tsss tsss

  6. what an awful and uneducated review. you can’t possibly be over the age of 21, posting reviews like this for your own pleasure. just stumbled acrossed this and had to laugh at your poor ear for music and lack of research. but again that is probably why i have _never_ heard of this website until now when googled spewed it out.

  7. google is awesome ^_^ still at least i said what i didn’t like about the album (doesn’t mean i’m always right, since music is as any art a subjective matter, so at the time this is what i thought about this album), you on the other hand, just said what you didn’t like about me… txaaa hummm, thanks? at least i’m educated enough to know that personal attacks never amount to anything, so what you said won’t make me change my opinion and therefore my review, ohhh and thanks for the visit hehehehe

  8. Gotta agree with adryuu, you should stop reviewing real music. Stick to Linkin Park..

  9. ohhh boohooo i still think i'm dead on the money muhahahah, like i said on the review and above on the comments, at least i say what i don't like and what i think, doesn't mean i'm right, just my opinion, unlike you, i do say WHAT is good or in this case bad with the album, you just attack me and don't give your opinion, worse you personally attack someone just cause my opinion is different from yours… and that's just sad… like this album ;)

  10. you guys all suck, never heard of this website.
    poo on all of you..espically the dood who wrote this, grow up, and then grow some balls.

  11. funny that nigger and xscene_girlX have the EXACT SAME IP ADDRESS … no further comments are necessary ^_^

  12. Dude you talk out of your ass. This is some masterpiece music – when I found that album, I couldn’t stop listening to it for a month or something. And maybe you should’ve checked some FAQ about it and then write this gay review, because this is not a *band* – all instruments and their parts were composed, played, recorded, mixed and produced by ONE person. Can you imagine it? Check wiki for more details on how this album was created, it’s a phenomenal effort. This guy is an awesome musician, all drums and guitars are so precise… I agree that everyone has their own opinion and the right to say it, but at least put some argument and logic in your words. The problem is that you chose to fuck with one of the few really valuable albums that ever came out during this last decade. There are countless number of shitty albums that are less worth than a used piece of toilet paper, why the hell did you choose this exact album? You should learn to listen, you should evaluate musical criteria and awareness and then judge. I felt embarassed for you, while reading your gay attempt to put a review about this album. You suck man, really. Grow up. (sorry of my english, I’m not from an english-speaking country)

  13. ahh again with the personal attacks (cause … like if you attack me, you make a better point, yeah right…), my ass is doing fine and hey its not my fault you like that kind of music… my concern is purely taste wise, i couldn’t care less if a monkey did this album, if it sounded awesome, then the monkey was awesome, thousands of musicians do their own music everyday, doesn’t make them genius, humm nowadays its pretty easy to “build your own studio” and make your own stuff, so its more than normal for me to have as little info about them before listening to the music… thats the whole point ^_^

    also unlike you said you don’t agree with “everyone has their own opinion and the right to say it”, cause if you did you wouldn’t insult me or what i write, you would calmly convey your logical reasons to why my review is not to your own taste and why i am wrong, stuff like: talking out of my ass, that i have no arguments or logic, that i should learn to listen, that i am gay… well i’m not but i don’t have anything against that, so it might not be an insult… that i suck or i should grow up, well unlike you, i don’t delete your comment (or anyone else) and to some degree i try and reply back, without insulting you or you comment, THAT IS RESPECTING EVERYONE’S RIGHT TO HAVE AND OPINION AND SAY SOMETHING ABOUT IT… that’s it, what you did is the exact opposite.

    the rest of your comment, i wont even comment back, cause its just blabber and you don’t give one single logical reason why i should change my mind, again its a shitty album…

    ohh and english is not my native language as well… hehehe

  14. Your review doesn’t contain a single logical reason why this is a shitty album either. You compare this to LP, do you realize how far are you from the truth? And don’t cry on me how have I insulted you because I said that your review was written in a gay manner, not that you are gay literally, I don’t really care who or what you have sex with. Look, everyone here is bashing you because you bash on a nice album without reasoning, you never explained why you think it’s a shitty album. It’s nonsense what you wrote. It’s okay to respect everyone’s right to have an opinion, but you don’t have one yet, get it? You just waste people’s time to read some childish nonsense. That’s what sucks and why you need to grow up ;) I guess this album is just a too big spoon for your mouth. Maybe someday you’ll reach to the level of it. Learn to listen, I told you already.

  15. you don’t?, you seem to care a lot, or else you wouldn’t say anything, ahhh but still with the same talk…

    ohhh well into circular reasoning are we, anyways for someone that protests a lot and likes to point “what i did wrong”, you didn’t give me a single reason to change my mind, cause i do change my mind a lot, of course insulting me or what i do, isn’t going to get you anywhere, like i said a million times, going after me personally isn’t going to give you more reason, it does the opposite, even if you say something that is reasonable its going to be useless… so just cause you liked it doesn’t mean its good.

    so banter away its your right hehehe, still in my opinion and to anyone that is reading this… “Murder Nature” is a sub-par album and you would spend those 30min of your life better by avoiding it and going for a snack or a nice walk ^_^ cheers

  16. I belive this little child have the right to have his opinion, let him flow… how can u expect a good review of this “masterpiece of art”coming from a LP and Limp Bizkit fan???

  17. Wow, this is the most poorly constructed evaluation of ANYTHING I have ever seen. Aside from your incredibly bad appraisal abilities, your review makes it extremely obvious that you just plain don’t even know what you’re listening to. You really don’t have much experience with underground music, do you? Or even slightly unknown at that. Your ears literally are not ready for this (which is sort of pitiful… don’t ever listen to avant-garde jazz, you will probably go into a coma). You haven’t really experienced music yet. Please come back and write a review after you know what the hell you’re even talking about. I mean, come on, seriously? You wrote LESS THAN ONE SENTENCE describing MOST OF THE TRACKS. This really just implies that you listened to them offhand for about thirty seconds and got bored. No wonder you bashed Tool, you probably thought all the ambient shit in the intros of all the songs were the whole songs. “Oh, nothing’s happened and it’s been 30 seconds? It must be bad. I’m bored. Next track.” Fix your A.D.D. and take another listen.

    P.S. Yikes, you make it sound like you don’t even know who Garm is, and THAT is truly frightening to hear about someone who’s trying to write a review of this. It’s also the number one indicator that you have NO IDEA what you’re talking about. Of course you will disagree, because you’re an idiot and no idiot will ever admit to being an idiot, but perhaps one day you will come back and see how ignorant you were.

    P.P.S. You called Nickelback “hard rock”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. hum? i think you are misunderstanding somethings ^^

    1) “this is the most poorly constructed evaluation of ANYTHING I have ever seen” > well a poorly constructed evaluation of Anything is going to twitter and saying and i quote “This Thing Sucks!” so i guess your judgment of constructed evaluation is a bit skewed

    2) “Aside from your incredibly bad appraisal abilities, your review makes it extremely obvious that you just plain don’t even know what you’re listening to” > humm and you are some sort of appraisal expert? nice, if you are, then you should have pointed out the flaws, not just point out the conclusion, saying that actually means nothing, and last time i checked i don’t need to know what im listening to, actually I REALLY SHOULDN’T KNOW WHAT IM LISTENING TO, as not to be biased ^_^

    3) “You haven’t really experienced music yet” > well that’s vague, what do you mean experienced music, i have listen to years worth of music… but if you can reach that far from my review, then i can also assert from your comment that you lack reasoning skills, music culture, you are biased and you are not very polite ^_^

    4) “Please come back and write a review after you know what the hell you’re even talking about. I mean, come on, seriously? You wrote LESS THAN ONE SENTENCE describing MOST OF THE TRACKS. This really just implies that you listened to them offhand for about thirty seconds and got bored.” > Nope this review is final, im sorry but this album sucks, regarding per track reviews, well i was questioned before, and i kinda do it like this, i put it on my portable music device (currently its a sansa clip+ with sony headphones) and listen to it all for a couple of days if not more (yes i know if you listen like that you dont pay attention but it helps when you hit tracks that draw your attention), and then i listen to it while im making the review, so yeah i normal have 4, 5 or more full listens (including idiotic 2 hour silences and shit like that) before i sit down for a review

    5) “No wonder you bashed Tool, you probably thought all the ambient shit in the intros of all the songs were the whole songs. “Oh, nothing’s happened and it’s been 30 seconds? It must be bad. I’m bored. Next track.” Fix your A.D.D. and take another listen.” > im sorry a lot of people didnt like my Tool review, but thats my opinion and im actually not alone in it, i actually liked Tool’s first albums and i do listen to them from time to time but what can i say, it sounded like shit so i wrote what i thought about it, sorry for not sugar coating it…

    6) “Yikes, you make it sound like you don’t even know who Garm is” > again like i said on point 2, i dont read other peoples reviews and i seldom check on the band, unless i have a point to make, i think that gives my purest of opinions, if i idolized someone then my review wouldn’t be fair and impartial.

    7) “You called Nickelback “hard rock”. HAHAHAHAH” > i didnt know you were a Nickelback fan, but last time i heard it, its kinda all over the place, you shouldn’t be anal about genres, most bands jump a lot around different ones, im sure there are some Nicklelback tracks that are in the hard rock ballpark, oh well.

  19. Well good job defending yourself, you really made some logical points there. I’m no expert, but I know bullshit when I see it, and this sure fits the bill. But honestly I’m not going to waste my time trying to make some idiot see my point, I have no need to defend myself as the only people looking at this review are going to know you’re a dumbass. And no, I’m not a Nickelback fan, as anyone with any kind of interpretation skills would understand from my earlier statement.

  20. ahh the art of internet sarcasm is indeed a fledgling one, also for someone that doesn’t want to wast time, you are doing an sweet job, and your alleged bullshit spotting skills are yet to be confirmed… cause you can call anything bullshit, but its only bullshit if you prove it…

    txaa avoid insulting me or my site, fool language = no rational argument = you have no point you just want to rant, i don’t mind responding to arguments, im not always right, and i do change my mind when someone says something that makes sense, but i do mind random insults = delete ^_^ have a good one

  21. It seems like this review is write from discoclub boy, who only knows about Metallica, Linkin park and Limp Asskit :)
    Please dont write any reviews when you dont know anything about these guys and the lyrics are too complicated for you :)
    (sorry about my bad english, but im sorry for yourself :))

  22. righttttt well you apparently haven’t read enough reviews on soundcult to know what you are talking about, thats alright ^_^

    As a sidenote, you haven’t given any reasons for me to change my mind, as such, my review stands as totally valid, your english is good enough, but you have to give reasons to your claims, just saying you don’t like it doesn’t make it so, you have to try and explain yourself better, sorry this head control album still sucks…

  23. It`s made like :
    “Hmmmm a great reviewer must always have some samples with other bands, let me think, let me think, I dont know not many bands, let me think…..mmm…. aaa Limp Bizkit have guitar..hmmm…aaa HCS have guitars too, ..let me think..hmmm Limp Bizkit got bass too….and yess a vocalist tooo……and yeeeah HCS have also bass and vocalist…woooow what a coincidence . Now im a real reviewr JEEEEAAAAAHHH ! :)

  24. im not going to comment, if you are going to spam the comments, at least have the courtesy to change ip’s, since “prrr” and “murder nature” are the same person, my previous comment, still stands ^_^ and you just look like a fool… sorry…

  25. wow , yeah what a load of shit this all is, except this great album
    ..is there some thing wrong with people striving to achieve some thing different? and whats with the negative crap people write on here, if you dont have anything to say then u know …
    this is good
    if you appreciate the lineage of the artists , then the music should just be.

  26. Its fine to speak your opinion and mind on a subject or piece of art but atleast be subject to criticism and go into it with an open mind, you didn’t even listen to all the tracks to the end(if any at all) it takes time and multiple layers to achieve the vocals in some of the songs and the instruments are all done by one man. Now granted you can say what you want about a certain band or music but if you’re biased to genres/styles/bands in general than you have no place being a reviewer for anything. Get a new hobby this one isn’t for you, thats my opinion.(and not a personal attack as that seems to be your only defense)douche(that one was)

  27. hum? first of all… FUCK OFFF!!! hehehe
    now, that we taken care of that, well you have a point, well not really, in fact you don’t have a point at all, you have a bunch of misconceptions, there is no such thing as an unbiased person, there isn’t, if you listen to a song before this one you are biased, if you know the person that played the song you are biased, if you know what a song is you are biased, you talk about things using you experience and knowledge, if you are truly unbiased then you cant talk about that thing cause you have no past experiences and know-how to talk about it.
    thats it
    also you cant say its fine to speak ones mind but then after that put restrictions on when and how i should do it, then what you really are saying is “its not fine to speak ones mind”
    and this is my new hobby, and i don’t do preemptive strikes, i only retaliate, and if you have read most of the comments on this site you would see that i use logic and humor, instead of personal attacks, this is the internet, you could be my mom hahahahah, the album still sucks, peace

  28. The most important thing I will say right now is, don’t listen to Arcturus or Ulver, because if this was too confusing, Garm the vocalist is in both of those bands, so I’m just trying to help you avoid more pain.

    Considering all the bands you mentioned in the review have nothing to do with Head Control System, it was hard to take it seriously. I think you could make a comparison to Tomahawk, but if you haven’t listened to them, don’t obviously. I will say that if you consider hard rock the bands you listed then this album is going to be hard to understand, because it’s not all in 4/4 and it’s not predictable, and If you think that hard rock needs to be catchy in the simplest of ways, then I’m afraid there is a whole world of bands you will never enjoy. Here’s a list of some to avoid like the plague, again so that you don’t have to get a headache and I don’t have to get one when I read your obtuse “reviews”.

    The DO NOT listen list: Devin Townsend, Tomahawk, Failure, Refused, Mars Volta, Frantic Bleep, Madder Mortem, Opeth, Kamchatka, Porcupine Tree, Ulver, Arcturus, Anathema, Russian Circles, Pelican, Lite, Constants, The Cancer Conspiracy, Dub Trio, Tuna Laguna, Jaga Jazzist, O.S.I., From Monument to Masses, Buckethead, Toe, Goblin Cock, Other Men, and King Crimson.

    If someone mentions any of the bands above and says you should really check this out, smile and nod and then don’t waste your time, it’s really for the greater good. Just some friendly advice. Don’t bother replying with something clever, I won’t read it, I’m busy listening to music that is just SHIT.

  29. Im a big fan of half of the bands/musicians you said, still its my opinion, i don’t have to listen to anything else to talk about something and i can compare it with whatever else i want it to, just cause you don’t agree, doesn’t make my point less valuable, besides you don’t know what i like or listen to, so whatever point you were trying to make its kinda mute >_<

  30. and that’s your reply? your reply was pathetic, i disagree wholeheartedly with your reply, you don’t have any comment skills, txxx… still im sorry to hear you have cancer… hope you beat the hell out of it ^_^ have a good one! still lame comment…

  31. i know it’s different strokes for different folks but i can’t help thinking that the reviewer is too fool to understand nothing from this fabulous album. I think he must be jealous of Garm, the most fantastic singer of our time.

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