Horse The Band – R. Borlax

How can you not love a band with a name like that, in a hardcore world filled to the brim, here comes … “Horse The Band” the weird name has its pursues just like their interestingly original sound, they join straight faced no bullshit hardcore, with 8bits nintendo music…yeah you heard me right…yeah there is a keyboard player somewhere in there, playing…some retro 1980’s, 1990’s video game reminiscent music, how bizarre, well the use of electronics (or clean vocals) is becoming more common on hardcore bands, nevertheless the self evident genre of Nintendocore is theirs.

So lets have a look and “R. Borlax”, after a full listening from my part, and as with all hardcore bands, there are a lot of bland tracks, but hell, this album does have some funky shit, tracks like “Sevententacles And Eight Flame” with its mario brothers meets funk middle, its quite entertaining, then you get “Cutsman” that goes from full force 8bit meets hardcore, to a more calm “thriller” passage to a great …. 8bit hardcore breakbeat? heheh great stuff, i’m headbanging, it’s great, there are more, like “Bunnies” or the mixed caos/screamo of “Purple”.

So is Horse The Band anything good?, well hardcore is hardcore, there is not enough sugar coating to mask that, but i’m the kind of guy that prefers to see something original or at least a good run at it, and this is how i see this “R. Borlax“, and since i am from the nintendo generation i do love me some 8bit tunes heheeheh, do you love hardcore? then give them a go.

Horse The Band – Cutsman

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