In Flames – Come Come Clarity

In Flames?, no time no see, hailing from the Gothenburg school of heavy metal, to be more precise melodic death metal, since, before that, using melody with death metal was a icky, how times have changed, almost half of death metal bands nowadays, indeed infuse some form or another of melody in their arrangements, however, In Flames are a particular case, they have two sides, after “Reroute to Remain” and before, “true” In Flame fans of course don’t like the after, so “Come Clarity” is here, have In Flames reached some?

The album starts with “Take this Life” that basically just…well shows, what the rest of the album is, nice thrash metal, great guitar work, with clean vocals chorus (note i didn’t say great melodic chorus), i have to say most of them are good, but some are really lame, the In Flames seem to think that you need to put a melodic part on every songs, and some times it just sounds too off place, next comes “Leeches” uhhh bad bad chorus, and this is not the only track, next comes “Reflect the Storm” and another week track, especially on the chorus, really nasty, what was Anders thinking, lets just go to “Dead End” this one has female vocals, and again a letdown, they just changed the “here comes the chorus and now i have to squeeze my balls to sing like a girl” by an actual girl, seems again a bit overdone and therefore irrelevant.

“Scream” YOU DIRTY SLUTS!!!!…. for sure i’m gonna scream, what a confusion of a song…and not in a good (math metal) kind of way, its for sure, going up for nomination as the worst in the album, then the title track, “Come Clarity” the calm track, well the chorus is not that bad, but the verse is a complete disgrace, the album is starting to feel really bad, and the rest doesn’t grows on me, or they do a lousy job, like in “Vacuum”, “Vanishing Light” or they do an ok job like in “Crawl Through Knives”, “Pacing Death’s Trail”, “Versus Terminus” or “Our Infinite Struggle”, then the album dies on you with some shitty ambient noise, i hate bands that do this, it just fills the cd and adds nothing, lazy.

So are In Flames sell-outs?, well if you are die-hard fans, for sure, this album doesn’t bring anything new, worse, it just spreads apart even more the two In Flames mobs, it does tend to just waste tracks in search of that allusive perfect melody/metal combo, the problem is that they aren’t playing on some garage, they are pros, and as pros this doesn’t look that good, actually for me it looks like shit, but if your into shit than go ahead…just kidding ^_^; the album as great guitar work, i wouldn’t expect less from In Flames, but the vocals/lyrical department is failing, and that just ruins the experience, so in the end, if you are into metalcore or you already know this “Rerouted and Remaining” In Flames you will probably like it, if you want something really good, i would go somewhere else.

In Flames – Take This Life

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