Into The Moat – The Design

Oh God Oh God Oh God, another tech/jazz band, sweeeet, well this is me after a couple of minutes of ranting after listening to “The Design”, like i said 2 seconds ago this is another one ranging the rabid seas of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Norma Jean or maybe Psyopus, mixing, Punk, Hardcore, Metalcore, with strange time signatures and all those jazzy whatnot’s we all love (or maybe it’s just me ^^), this is their first full length album, and what a treat it is.

The Album goes forward in a very straightforward way, their sound seems more sided to the Punk/Hardcore vein, tradding a more diverse pallet with aggression, even thought this is some serious technical shit, it does tend to stay on the same place, by place i mean the normal chaotic mesh that these bands weave tend to be more, how can i put it…. ample, Into The Moat, seem to take their name much too seriously, and go for a all out “quick in the head back stabbing teeth grinding headbanging mosh” than the other bands i associated them with, anyway they seem very guitar focused, much like Psyopus, and that is all good, no point talking music by music since they all sound pretty much…fucked up … in a good way.

Oh Yeah Baby Gimme Some More!!!, well its a great album, loads of frenzy guitar work, actually i think overall everyones musicianship is top notch, again i just feel it comes a bit short, not in time, since the 32 minutes are more than enough, just like Pig Destroyer, the frenzy being refreshing at first does tend to become tiresome, when the album is over i don’t feel that “oh my god i can’t believe how sweet this is” on my nut sack, i just feel hangover and dehydrated, so this one is for the fans of … let’s call it Chaos Music or Mathcore and not really for public consumption.

Into The Moat – Dead Before I Stray

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  1. *sarcastic mode on*
    Well that’s because I must have about 873 better albums so, I must give them (Moat) some range. So… top 1000 it’s pretty damn good. Yep, pretty good ^^
    *sarcastic mode off*

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