Intronaut – Void

Intronaut play a interestingly mix variety of music, i would put them in the alternative/progressive metal/rock arena, close in resemblance with what Mastodon excel at, maybe a bit less overwhelming, i don’t know if i would fit it into the sludge category as well, nevertheless loads of skill and sprinkles of loads of genres popping in and out, so how does “Void” fit into this?

“A Monumental Vulgarity” opens the show, and what a show, after a “smallish” intro your just thrown into the groove, sounds and plays out like a Mastodon track, but with a little bit more taste for the eccentric (like Mastodon isn’t eccentric enough), it’s harsh vocals, it’s a constantly changing musical landscape, but all in the same logical sound structure, they are not stopping and playing another thing, they are just changing and mixing the same stuff in an unorthodox fashion, refreshing and not so much Mastodon, the resemblances are mostly in how it all sounds, “Gleamer” (that one you can listen downstairs ^~) is another groovy track, jazz like drumming, with a lot of things thrown into the mix, one thing that starts to show is the bass work, that almost rivals the drumming/guitar, impressive, and infections, plus a full minute in the end of nothing especial, weird.

“Fault Lines” has another minute long intro into this one, nice way to put a intermission, but when it enters high gear you can feel it, this one is a hit hard, soft, hit hard kid of thing, building to a interesting finish, “Nostalgic Echo” gets another rock like intro to another groove oriented almost sludge track, again with clean passages building up to funky metal sections, “Teledildonics” first of all that’s one funny named track, next, it’s probably the best track in the album, how’s that for building “word of mouth”, basically it sounds like Meshugah if they were playing this kind of music, point blank, impressive, sure it has some clean parts, but that seems to be their thing, “Iceblocks” has another almost 2 minute intermission before it gets into overdrive, again good track, last track “Rise to the Midden”, is a good last track, wraps it up nicely, it’s hard, it’s groovy, it is quirky, great stuff.

Intronaut hummm, well it’s difficult to say if i really like it, sure it has a lot of things that one can headbang to, “Teledildonics” being one of them…hahaah yeah headbang to that, and overall it is an impressive album, nonetheless it isn’t a relentless kind of thing, it has a lot of clean passages, and a lot of slow alternative rock twists, that although a clear sign of technical ability, they do hurt the pace of the album, in the third listen i kinda while skipping the end of “Gleamer”, skipped “Fault Lines” as well, just because i though it was too early to such a long intermission, sorry guys, i wanted “Teledildonics” as soon as possible, wait…that didn’t sounded that good, heheh great job, if your into Mastodon or even the likes of Isis or Neurosis, you should check them out, I’m sure everyone will enjoy some “Teledildonics”.

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Intronaut – Gleamer

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