Krisiun – AssassiNation

I never understood why Krisiun never got the exposure that they deserve. I mean… They are an amazing death metal band and still many death metal fans don’t know them at all. Well… Soundcult visitors, here we go!

Three Brazilian brothers formed Krisiun. One drummer, one guitar player and one bass player that growls also. I think they added another guitar player in the beginning but they preferred the trio thing. One thing is for sure, “AssassiNation” is their 7th album and the trio of brothers remains intact.

I first got into Krisiun through “Ageless Venomous“. I was stunned. I almost could not believe that this was a Brazilian band, no offence. Amazing technical riffs, blast beats all over the place, and guess what?! They sound quite original. They have been creating their own death metal sound through the years. We can hear a song and immediately know “this is a Krisiun song” just like Fear Factory kind of trademark, only with the difference that Krisiun does not sound like crap in our days and Fear Factory do.

OK… “Works of Carnage” followed and was an amazing album too.
Then Krisiun went a bit under, at least for my taste. They released “Bloodshed“. I don’t know why they changed but this album sounds boring as shit. I think they tried to do something different but… It did not sound very good. Much more slower stuff, more basic riffage and, most of all, boring material. No hyper-speed legato shit, no extreme drumming, no fun…

Now Krisiun are back. Back with an album and back to their sound. “AssassiNation” is, probably, Krisiun’s best album to date. Yes, this time we can hear crystal clear what the hell is going on with all the instruments, especially with the guitar, the sharpest performance (guitar and drums) yet and, most important, the songs are great! I will not comment each song on this one because all the songs are at the same level and that’s why this album sounds so good!

The Krisiun brothers really pushed the bar on this one. Let’s hope that with this album Krisiun gets the exposure that they already deserve for ages. Prepare to be squashed by this massive death metal record. This one will be on my 2006 top five, that’s for sure! ^^

Krisiun – Vicious Wrath

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