Lamb Of God – Ashes Of The Wake

New American Metal, well that’s what everyone says, i say, FUCK YEAH, Lamb of God (former Burn The Priest) lashes, spits, growls it’s way through some very intense metal, great riffs, great songs, great beats, i’m getting tired of superlatives, now lets talk about this album, “Ashes Of The Wake” is just another album on Lamb of God’s already great collection, and like old wine it just keeps getting better.

Ashes Of The Wake, seems to me to be theirs cleanest album, even thought that normally send red flags all over in this case, it just means better productions, and more kicks ass songs, the album opens the hostility with “Laid to Rest” with their trademarks “melodic guitar over growling guitars/drumming combo”, it all good, until you get half way through the song to a growling “See Who Gives A Fuck”, you know this is going to be keeper, time for some headbanging.

The album goes through some other great tunes, like the “percursionated” “The Faded Line”, the slow paced “Omerta”, to the all instrumental title track “Ashes of the Wake”, time flys by with this album, it has a good balance and pace through, with little surprises always around the corner.

Bad Things? Well there aren’t many, this album is a matter of taste, you could find it boring and a little short, but for me when i’m listening to something like “Blood of the Scribe” and midway i get that screeching guitar jamming all the way, what is there not to like, this is a great album, and Lamb of God keeps bringing the goods, New American Metal they say, i say American Metal All The Way, now enjoy Laid to Rest.

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Lamb of God – Laid to Rest

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  1. this song is the totally good music in this world…great arrengment..and creative music…anybody can banging their head…

  2. Yeah Lamb of God are a head banging kind of band, even when it’s just ok, the head just has a “mind” of it’s own muhahahaha

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