Mastodon – Leviathan

Mastodon has a sound that reminds me of stoner rock, more stoner metal, with complex jazz like drumming, yeah you heard me right, but what would you expect from former members of the alternative drum machine that was “Today is the Day”, so what does this new album “Leviathan” brings to the board, well it has a back story, it’s an epic, it’s Herman Melville “Moby Dick”, say what?, yeah why not choose a classic novel as a theme, so let’s have a look and see if it’s the best soundtrack for the white wale.

And so begins with some “Blood and Thunder”, thy hearts tremble as they see the white giant, “I Am Ahab” were once stood a leg now stands fate, as water drown in mist, there… the beast, the “Seabeast”, for i’m sure the beast will be the end of me, ohh don’t mock me, for today is the day she will perish, darkness had it’s way and for shadows the wale will haunt me, there shall we rest in the “Island” that is our ship, for our journey is far from it’s pinnacle.

Again, so shall this be my way, we meet again, thy “Iron Tusk” will be mine, i’m faint to discern truth from myth, fantasy from this never ending blackness, “Megalodon” envelopes my dreams, and so i will again, tomorrow, are my ways hidden, have i lost my sense, there truth is hidden, “Naked Burn” the unraveling preach, ahhhh yes “Aqua Dementia” for closer i am to god, closer i am god i will burn all in white glory, for there is no life, no “Hearts Alive” in this deep blue sea, who is “Joseph Merrick”.

Scouring and plundering the seas is a nasty business, and so is this review, it’s difficult to give a clear picture to all the songs, they have their unique traits, and they convey the story much better than i could ever, the same way i enjoyed the novel, i really enjoyed this album, it showcases the great musicians that Mastodon are, and a great way to make albums, now go ahead and listen, i guarantee you’ll love it.

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Cover Mastodon – Leviathan Front

Mastodon – Blood and Thunder

Mastodon – Iron Tusk

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  1. i just bought this record today and it owned me from the first minute to the last, with tasty riffs and dark lyrics, they capture me like in the belly of a giant fish, call me jonah, for i am truly in the white whales claws…

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