Meshuggah – Catch Thirty-Three

I’m not going to lie, i’m a unconditional Meshuggah fan, even if they started making polka music i would still find wonderful things to say about their music, i’m exaggerating, or am i? well Meshuggah is hard to characterized, even more with time, i like to say they play Calc Metal (from calculus) but you can say they play mathcore (derived from math rock), anyway this characterization problems derives from their very characteristic sound, that use extended polymetric passages, complex drum patterns, odd time signatures, angular, dissonant guitar riffs, and harsh, atonal vocals.

That’s all good and dandy but what about their latest release “Catch 33”, after the release of the Ep “I”, this again is a one song album, it’s divided only because it was required by their label, it should be listen in one go, again Meshuggah bring their jazz derived sound to first place, they said this wasn’t to be considered a full Meshuggah album, more a experimental mockup, even though its sure sounds experimental it’s still has all the Meshuggah trademark signatures and twists and turns.

I’m going to use the “song names” to better talk about the Album, so it starts with a 3 in 1 wit the first 3 songs it basic Meshuggah, just starting the engine, much like “Stengah” was used on the album “Nothing”, i find the album is basically divided into 3 parts, 1st the buildup until the double bill “In Death – is Life” and “In death is Death” we you get a masterpiece only Meshuggah could create, with that new bass filled sound, then Shed (much like “Spasm” on the Album “Nothing”, both give Tool a run for their money) starts the build up for the end of the album with the 2 for 1 again of “Dehumanization” and “Sum”.

This Album is like every Meshuggah album filled with surprising stuff, you need to listen to it 100 times to start to really comprehend it, if you have the time or if you are a die hard Meshuggah fan, this album is for you.

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Cover Meshuggah – Catch Thirty-Three Front

Meshuggah – Shed

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  1. What can we say? One more amazing work. No one can be indifferent to this late Meshuggah works. Another step in human evolution :D

  2. they are my fav. band ever..

    They simply are the best \m/ ~

    ps: my wake up alarm is ”New Millenium Cyanide Christ” :D great way to wake up :)

  3. My new custom made (yeah from cutting wav to midi to poliphonic) cellphone ringtone, is part of I …get it? part of I ohhh i’m soo fucking witty

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