Misery Signals – Mirrors

Hardcore and Punk never brought to the table complex playing or technical ability, it’s not in their nature, but their basis of raw energy and aggression do infuse other genres and metalcore being what it is incorporates (ones more than others) the core part more seriously, that mixture of ability and pure hardcore energy can be found on some one like Misery Signals.

Bla bla, so is the album any good?, It’s good, tracks like the album starter “Face Yourself”, with a mix of odd and brutal, i say odd, because it’s not overly complex, just filled with small touches, that i guess pull them a little bit apart from the mob, “The Failsafe” is also nice, kinda odd drumming (i said odd again?), “Post Collapse” brings back that hardcore feel from the first track, with some bits of death to the mix, again good guitar work, vocals are starting to become one tone (getting boring…), “Migrate” is a softer track with a hardish end, nothing especial.

“One Day I’ll Stay Home” is a bit more of the same, good finish nevertheless, “Something Was Always Missing, But It Was Never You”, has the most idiotic title I’ve seen in quite some time, but not a bad track, ahh the good ones always have fucked up names (“Cannibalistic” anyone?), “Reverence Lost” is good and tiresome, “Sword of Eyes” is a bit more of the same, “An Offering to the Insatiable Sons of God (Butcher)” ohh another interestingly named track, and unlike the previous it’s kinda a interlude like track, too much noise, they might be good, but if it’s all distorted it isn’t anything, “Anchor” is a better than the last track, its got a bit more flare, quite good, then the album finisher and title track “Mirrors”, bit of same o’, nevertheless full of breakdowns…

Did i like it?, well somewhat, its got flare and pace, but the one sided vocals, the grungy production and the oddness although refreshing, it gets overused, like teaching a monkey a trick, after they get it right they just do it over and over again, by the time it gets over … I get over it, i don’t feel like listening again (and that’s not “in a good Meshuggah burnout” kind of way), i actually liked their previous album better, so if you like your metalcore with a bit more spice you might want to checked them out, if not, you won’t lose much.

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Misery Signals – The Failsafe

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