Mithras – Forever Advancing… Legions

From the ashes of IMPERATOR arise MITHRAS, easily one of UK’s most promising Death Metal acts. Forever Advancing… Legions follows the steps of their MCD Dreaming In Splendor, improving it at all levels, including those of skill and mood.

Bands which will be an immediate source of guidance are undoubtedly MORBID ANGEL (oh yes, you may as well say it again and listen to the dragged tunes of Chaos in Wrath Of god), NILE (mostly in some vocal and guitar lines, MITHRAS bear a different musical approach to Egypt in As The Wind Blows), KRISIUN (mostly in Trample Their Works) and even old OBITUARY (such as is to be found in some of Sloping Altars’ guitar parts). Some guitar solos remind of DEATH.

One good aspect of the band is that they do not confine their sound to Brutal or Technical Death Metal. There are several sources of inspiration and certain classical music influences here and there, such as is the case with The Green Wanderer Returns (a species of Baroque interlude). In fact, the album starts with the self-titled atmospheric intro, something along the lines of MORTIIS’s The Crypt of the Wizard. However, this is only an appetizer for the real thing which is on the way. I could say it was almost worthwhile listening to the album by first hearing the great brutal beginning of Trample Their Works.

Conceptually, MITHRAS deal with themes of ancient civilizations, spirituality and dreaming. (Not that) simple, and effective. Leon Macey (lead guitars, music and drums), Ben White (lead guitars) and Raynor Coss (vocals/bass, also playing in SERENADE) have presented what best there is to be found in Death Metal. The only flaw to the album is the very many MORBID ANGEL influences. They are not bad at all, but it might reach the edge of exaggeration for some. Either way, be sure not to miss this piece of deadly art.

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Mithras – Sloping Altars

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