Mors Principium Est – Inhumanity

Ohhh what have you done, ohhh the “Inhumanity”, hehehe, the name is appropriate, why ohh why, hehehe, i’m getting emotional here, well Mors hail from Finland, yeah the home of melodic death metal or was is Scandinavia, well whatever somewhere cold with lots of dungeons, if this is your cup of tea, then read the rest.

“Inhumanity” starts off with “Another Creation”, not overly melodic death metal, it goes by the numbers, and it never goes overboard, but has a nice pace (it almost seems to speed up by the end), nice melody all round and musical range, not bad, not bad at all, now lets see “Eternity’s Child”, nice riff, as a comparison to “The Unborn”, i can already say this, the sound is fuller, the production is way better, and the songs are more balanced, much more technical and they actually sound nicer, good job, lets have a look at “In My Words”, well this one is more thrash oriented, nice follow up with a gothic like background, and a nice guitar solo to finish it off.

“Inhumanity”, sounds and plays very similar with something “Soilwork” would do, sounds great, catchy chorus, finishing it off with a spectacular guitar solo, “D.I.B.” nice, but nothing especial, “The Lust Called Knowledge” has a bit heavier riffing and a interesting melody, “Oblivion” is the guitar driven interlude, that leads us to “Life In Black” maybe the best song on the album, it has a bit of everything Mors does best, then “Last Apprentice” with…basically the best guitar work and best solo in the album, the only word for it is Awesome, the last track is “Into Illusion”, a very predictable slow start to a slow catchy melody, its a good finish.

So why the drama on the first paragraphs, well, as with everything in life, nothing is what it seems, and some times you will get surprised, i’m not a big melodic death metal, but this is some good music, i actually can say, that i could listen to it all day long (as opposed with some other bands i love, once a day is more than enough dosage), its a great melodic death metal album, and Mors Principium Est did a great job, if your into this kind of music or hell you like great guitar work, this one i recommend with all thumbs up.

Mors Principium Est – Another Creation

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  1. Had to edit the post, a little bit, since i confused this album with their latest…”The Unborn”, …i’ll make that one later on ^_^

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