Mudvayne – Lost And Found

One can always enjoy to a even bigger degree any kind of music if you get a show with it, much like Kiss, the show is a nice complement to the music, now Mudvayne releases a new album, and … WHAT no make up? So does that mean that before you guys were just copying all the acts that use a lot of props and make up, or are you just selling out and going for a more clean look, you guys… well anyway, what could you expect after their last album being a one hit wonder, and we all know those kinds of albums don’t promise much.

So Lost and Found is here, i really don’t know if i can’t talk about this album, i just feel betrayed …. ohhh good whyyyyy … well now that that’s over, this one is a “stupify” album (you’ll get it later on), it starts with a more mature Mudvayne meets “the ohhhh so popular but ohh so shitty” Drowning Pool with “Determined”, humm “Pushing Through” humm this reminds me of something … ohh yes recycling old Mudvayne songs and put a more… likable chorus, does that count as being sell outs?, i get so confused, maybe it’s because i heard the same thing 6 years ago, but 6 year ago it was fresh and kinda interesting…

So i skip ahead to “Happy?” (is it me or this fucking album is a fucking relapse), as a rule of thumb, if the name of the music is anywhere the most important part of the chorus, then the music sucks, except if your Korn, then it doesn’t matter since they all suck, “IMN” goes the same way, “Fall Into Sleep” … i bet this one is their second single, more plain shit… well at least its a bit better then “Happy?” that or I’m losing my mind, “Rain. Sun. Gone.” well it’s the first song i saw with that many periods, and what do i learn? everything goes to distract you from listening to shit, next up is “Choices” appropriate since I’m thinking of cutting this one short, “Choices” is another washed up, ditto on “Forget To Remember”, “TV Radio”, “Just”…shit the rest is irrelevant.

Just tell me, how many times can you play the same thing?, i actually liked their first album, but i don’t know what this is, well i know, it’s the same thing a hundred bands are playing, its washed out for the masses, its simplified for plain consumption, i don’t expect all bands to try to excel in every album (there are some exceptions to my last statement) but i expect if you are going to change, to try and do it better, make it interesting, don’t just go all Korn on me and just play the same shit over and over again, just like a vinyl, letting it get worse and worse each time around, well anyway if your into Drowning Pool, Disturbed or Korn, then you can give this one a go.

Mudvayne – Determined

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  1. I always considered Mudvayne aside of the nu-metal bands. They were way ahead technique wise and composition. Didn’t hear this album very much yet. But it doesn’t promise much.

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