Mushroomhead – Savior Sorrow

What’s with me and bad albums, well i always had a big admiration for Mushroomhead‘s music and creativity, no one combined a sense of alternative metal than this folks, mixing everything up and spitting musical gems, that is until now, seems frontman J. Mann is no longer part of the band and it shows… terribly, this is no evolution and if it’s a revolution than it’s not a democratic one, it sounds like shit, it lacks the aggression, it lacks the hooks, it lacks the good lyrics, it lacks everything, it sounds like their old albums but without that alternative approach, point blank “Savior Sorrow” is embarrassing.

Is there anything to grab on to? Well there are some slightly interesting stuff, and i put emphasis on slightly, its one of those albums, that could entice me to change the laws of physics and turn back time so i would stop myself from listening to it, so i wouldn’t have this bad opinion from the band, but since that didn’t happen my mind has changed from a “Mushroomhead Rock, this guys are great and not only i would buy their music, but I would watch their shows, and try and cull every girl i can get my hands on to check it out” to “Were do this guys live? Does a professional hit man accept credit card?”, this is beyond disappointment, this is a killing spree of disgruntlesness (don’t even know if that word really exists).

“Saviour Sorrow” Check List: “12 Hundred” I make similar sounds when I’m with the shits, that gurgling sound, “Simple Survival” Emo gay shit, and it’s actually one of the best in the album, it almost is as good as the worst of their previous album, “Damage Done” … “Stoned” I prefer Afromans Version, at least its funny, “Save Us” … Save us from Ourselves … A slow one and even they fuck it up, it sounds like Alanis Moriset making a duet with Nikcelback, “Tattoo” Completely Bland, It’s so bland that i had to turn my TV on to entertain me for the remaining 3 minutes, “Erase The Doubt” Oh God what were they thinking? i can’t believe they are being paid for this, this is like… being completely detached from reality and really mean it, all at the same time, “Burn” At least this one is short, “Just Pretending” Uhhh i didn’t know justin timberlake sings on this one? Uh the second at least average song on the album, “The Need” Uh nice follow up, after the last one i was almost missing the shitty song writing … “Cut Me” Oh I’ll cut something for sure “The Fallen” I’m getting emotional here, finally something really … disgusting?, i was wondering when something like that would pop up “Embrace The Ending” Slow Idiotic One, just like when you are giving blood, and the nurse forgets you are there and goes to lunch and comes back to find your sad rotting carcass.

Thank You Lord, after this experience, I’ve rekindle my belief in God… wait … God wouldn’t permit this blasphemy, not my God goddammit, damn i guess I’m back to my atheist / agnostic ways (yeah i fucking change my mind depending on the circumstances). Now speaking a bit frankly this is really a bad album, it just doesn’t make any sense, i actually can’t find any smear of interesting material, it lacks everything, maybe because i liked, yes liked, (this album is becoming a mind bender), their previous works i had big expectations, but this falls short, dead short, maybe if this wasn’t Mushroomhead i would have said it was an average album from an average band, since this is from Mushroomhead i will just say YOU GUYS SUCK.

“Without music, life would be an error” – Friedrich Nietzsche
“If its mushroomhead, i prefer the error” – fiend

Mushroomhead – Simple Survival

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  1. Wow….you just described everything I thought about this album…to the T

    When I saw the song “Cut me” on the back of the album I braced myself

  2. Horrible Review :D

    Mushroomhead is back with vengeance, second best Album since XX.
    Not as heavy, but for synth-metal fans; you’ll enjoy. Excellent Album. 9.10

  3. Are you on drugs?

    It’s really bad, did you read the review? Did you listen to the music? I know the cover is cute, but please…. It has nothing to do with their previous efforts, it’s a bunch of crappy neo emo shit…

    But oh well if you like such a thing good for you… I guess?

  4. Well you can please everybody, and i remind you, this is my personal opinion, it’s not always right, it’s just right most of the times, like it’s right this time ^_^

  5. if yall had paid sum attention to the band yould find out that the wholde idea was more melodic songs? its not rough enough for you? how is that possible without jmann u asses fck.. u guys are so lame

    i think they pulled it off they came with a really decent album if its not good enough for u put an old record on i really like this album its not xx duh!? how are you gonna surpass that?

  6. oh yeah the only thing about this album that could really suck is:
    the cover but even that is not all that bad

  7. Ahhh, it doesn’t matter if that is what they wanted, it just sounds pretty bad… and of course in comparison with their previous works, it just sounds even worse, that’s my point…

  8. i’m sorry… are we discussing Savior Sorrow? you must have it mistaken for a different album. 12 Hundred, Damage Done, Burn, The Need, Cut Me, etc… fucking brilliant. raw to the point of bleeding. this shit hooked me on MRH, after XX and XIII set the stage.

    and no, i don’t care that the last comment was almost a year ago. on my birthday no less.

  9. nope you heard me right, its pretty much a shitty album, the departure of J. Mann really fucked it up, and since i made the review i haven’t changed my mind ^_^

    ohh and you can comment on anything, everyone here is free to have their opinion heheheh

  10. So you said that if this album was published by an average band you would give it a better review? But since you like a band’s older works you are willing to say they suck because they produce ONE average album? That’s so awesome I hope I’m like you one day. I like the album not their best could’ve done better but it’s still pretty good for losing a guitar and getting a new singer.

  11. and to let Fiend in on the news if he hasn’t heard J Mann is featured on the new album and it wasn’t Emo, you dick lick EMO IS A TYPE OF MUSIC and stereotyping 2 or 3 of the songs that are sad or what you expect an emo kid to say/write is a stereotype: “oh the song says Cut Me, ITS EMO!! I remember reading somewhere that there are lik 25% of kids that are Emo that don’t cut because cutting isn’t emo.

  12. you are like me, you did a very clear and concise comment on specific point of my review, that seems very like me ^_^’

    anyways my reasoning still comes trough, one thing is a average band doing average albums (lets say Static-X), there are no expectations, its bread and butter, its OK,

    however if you have a kick ass band that does awesome music and they do a complete bullshit of an album, it would come to reason that they suck, doesn’t matter if its an average band or an awesome band, of course if it was Static-X i would say they suck but they kinda always weren’t all that, but since it was an band that i though had some skills, then of course i tell them off twice as hard, they didn’t just make a fucking horrible album they also broke my expectations and my trust in their abilities, so yeah… they suck…

  13. ohh you did a second comment, well, you know what the word stereotype means?

    its my fucking review i say stuff the way i heard it at the time, it sounded like washed emo shit (doesn’t fucking mean it was emo, emo is a broader genre of music, that has several characteristics, and some of those i found in this shitty album from mushroomhead), i heard shit like that a thousand times and from way worse bands but done much better, you can go “emo ape shit” and still WIN, its when you fail at it that makes you look dumb…

  14. Absolutely agree with this review. I’ve been searching around randomly and was shocked at all the positive reviews this got, this is the first I’ve found that perfectly mirrors my view of this album. For me, my favourite band just about died when JMann left. The lyrics are nowhere near the quality they were, the music seems to lack the diversity, impact and texture they used to do so well.

    I absolutely loved this band, it was my favourite from the moment I got into them up until this album killed it for me. Their new stuff, probably wouldn’t even be in my top 30.

    Glad I’m not alone on thinking JMann leaving left a big hole.

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