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Do you know Gorguts?! Luc Lemay is back with Negativa, his new project.

When I heard that, from the ashes of Gorguts, a new band was being assembled, I became very curious to know if it was Gorguts alike or a complete new band. Well… Surprise surprise! It’s Gorguts alike. “Obscura” alike, to be more precise.

The question is: Is this EP up to the Gorguts high-standards?.

Yes and… No.

In this three song EP we are taken to a place were Gorguts had left us with the “Obscura” album. But the thing is: Gorguts had already grabbed us by the balls in “Obscura” and taken us to “From Wisdom to Hate” – an album close to perfection. With this Negativa EP, it’s like going back instead of going forward. Don’t get me wrong, the songs are pretty good, but after all this years I expected a bit more, an evolution. Damn, I expected much more. Nevertheless, I’m happy Gorguts soul is back and I’m still salivating for a new full-length record.

“Chaos in Motion” opens up the EP. It starts with a string pick-tapping and some dissonant chords. Then the blast beats comes in. Typical “Obscura” playing [Prepare to listen to this EP several times before you can truly enjoyed it. You all know how “Obscura” sounds and how dissonant, complex and chaotic this sound is].

Great verse-to-chorus section. I missed these passages. Gorguts are back! Ermm… Negativa… Negativa are back…

“Taedium Vitae” is a more slow doomish song. Maybe more in the vein of “From Wisdom to Hate” but more dissonant and sick. The middle section is close to… Well… Close to… Close to the opposite of a beautiful melody ^^ Very sick passage. A more speed-up passage follows end then it finishes up with a similar start but with guitar noises in the middle and the end of the section.

All three tracks end up with noisy stuff, it’s kind of boring.

“Rebellion” brings up the fast blasts again. More typical “Obscura” playing. Fast dissonant stuff. Did I mention “chaotic” riffs? Oh, and chaotic riffs. There’s a slow passage also in “From Wisdom to Hate” style. Well, it’s Luc’s style to be more exact.
The track finishes with some more guitar noises. *ironic mode on* Wow how cool, ending all tracks the same boring way *ironic mode off*.

That sums it. Nothing new with this EP. But, for the sake of Gorguts, it deserves a few listens. I’ll be waiting for the full-length album.

Negativa – Chaos in Motion

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  1. Hello !
    I love this group !
    I decouvert a new musical world …

    ps: hello miguel !

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