Norma Jean – O God, the Aftermath

Norma Jean a former Cristian, yeah i said Cristian, rock metal band, just released their second album, and what a twist, their first album sound was more of an alternative rock/metal band combining punk like aggression with alternative twists and turns, so what has changed, well they are more metal than rock, and now sport a more bouncy bass like sound, very much in the vein of “Botch” and “A Life Once Lost”.

Now for the Album, from the first track “Murderotica” to the rest of the album, its basically much of the same (reminds me of “Nile”…), if you like this one the rest of the album will be a breeze, there isn’t much to say about the rest of the tracks, maybe “Bayonetwork” with it’s catchy chorus and “Coffinspire”, probably the heaviest and for me best track.

What does this say about O God, well it gets boring fast, it just sounds like a groovy rock/metal/punk, and that’s good, but not when all songs are groovy rock/metal/punk, their first album was more…alternative rock, and as such it had more range and was a better and more refreshing listen, that is to say that this is a good album, tell you this if you like Christ you should get this album, not only for the bands past Cristian history, but because it has God on the title.

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Norma Jean – Liarsenic

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