Origin – Echoes of Decimation

First of all: Origin rocks! ^^ When I first heard “Informis Inifinitas Inhumanitas“, Origin’s second record, my left testicle just fell. Origin is extremely technical, brutal and fast. From shredding guitar riffs (not the Cannibal Corpse or Necrophagist kind of riffage) to inhuman drumming, Origin has it all.

OK… Now let’s talk about “Echoes of Decimation”.
Origin really surprised me with this third album. They managed to evolve even more with this record. I thought they would stagnate, I mean, play fast all the time and doing crazy riffs… How many songs can you do that way? Well, apparently, at least enough songs to do three great records. The guitars are absolutely amazing! Imagine Nile, without the Egyptian vibe, with faster pace and sweeping riffs all over the place. The drums are, probably, the most fast I have ever heard, or, at least, with some of the faster parts in the genre. James King uses, and abuses, the hyper blast [or gravity roll] technique (besides Flo Mounier, from Cryptopsy, I don’t know any other drummer that plays this technique so perfectly) increasing even more the brutality of this record.

One thing I love in the album is that even with all this “crazy” playing, complexity and whatever, the record sound pretty catchy. But catchy in a good way. All the songs grab your attention right away. And when a song is over you will feel like a truck just hit you in the face. You will feel this nine times until this thirty minute record reaches the end.
“Echoes of Decimation” is one hell of a record. Check it out or be decimated.

Origin – The Burner

Origin – Staring from the Abyss

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  1. You should join their marketing team ^^ ehehehe, the couple of tracks are interesting, i’m gonna check this one out later…

  2. Perhaps I should! On the other side, Soundcult would suffer I big loss… I suck at selling stuff anyways :|

  3. Haven’t listened to Origin but Flo kicks some bastard ass and is for sure better musician than Derek Roddy (passing over the last crapalbum). Must listen to Origin, though.

    Knowing of bands like Origin and Decapitated you shouldn’t compare Head Control System to Poo-l (Tool) and Linkin Krap.

    Didn’t read this review, though. Bye bye.

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