Pig Destroyer – Terrifyer

Pig Destroyer. Every time I listen to this band I think “god damn, that name rocks or what?” ehehe. The band stated that, in the beginning, they had a more political intervention attitude, being “pig” a metaphor for “cop”. You know… Cops, pigs, same shit.

So… Does Pig Destroyer music rock also? You bet!
If you like 50 seconds to 1 minute and a half songs (there’s also two or three songs with 3 minutes or so), screaming vocals all the way, blasting drums and hardcore (hardcore but with a miscellaneous of styles, one song can be hardcore, but the next might be death and the next thrash, all mixed) guitar stuff then Pig Destroyer is THE band.

With “Terrifyer”, Pig Destroyer managed to get the best production ever, yeah I know, many fans probably will be disappointed now that you can actually hear what they are playing and not just noise, like some of the previous works, what a sell-out ^^’, but think on the bright side: we still can’t hear the bass. Ohh I forgot, they don’t have a bass player!). OK, so we got 21 tracks (yes, 21 tracks) but next thing you know you’ll be replaying this album. It flows very well. It’s extreme, fast, hardcore, heavy, sick, and, believe it or not, pretty technical, at least in some songs.

This record follows “Prowler in The Yard” – that I strongly recommend. It’s in the same style but a bit more elaborated and perceptible. There’s not much more to say. You should listen to this band if you are into what I described. They absolutely rock in this genre.

The MP3 is not one of my favorite tracks but is the one we are allowed to publish

Pig Destroyer – Gravedancer

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  1. Pig Rockssss ^^ even thought the short music span does tend to be a little drag, like a track is really rockin and they just cut it short ehheeh

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