Psycroptic – Symbols of Failure

In a few years, Psycroptic have already conquered a small space in the restrict group of bands that lead the technical death metal front line. The past two albums did shake the pillars of the more underground death metal community. With this “Symbols of Failure” – the third album of the Australian band – they definitely made some more heavy damage!. Even with some line up changes, they seemed cohesive and stronger then ever.

Before the recordings, the previous vocalist – Matthew Chalk – was asked to leave the band. Personally, I think he played a very important role on the Psycroptic sound. Apart from the amazing guitar and drum job, he too sang “like a devil” in Psycroptic. I mean… what a incredible talented guy. As strange as it seems, after listening to “Symbols of Failure”, I can’t sorrow the vocalist departure anymore. The hard job was more then well carried by Jason Peppiatt and the high standards were more than achieved.

OK, now for the album itself. Production wise… This is the band’s finest work. It as the flawless, clearest, sharpest sound ever. High rate for that.
As for the songs itself… They truly raised the bar on this one. Prepare to be thrashed with the level of technique presented by Psycroptic. In some ways, it can also be bad. Some songs seem to be almost a guitar / drum workshop. Some times you’ll lost yourselves in the complexity of this work. The “hooks” explored in the previous work – The Scepter Of The Ancients – seem to be kinda lost now. And that’s a pity.

If you already knew Psycroptic then you’ll not be disappointed. The band’s original “sound” is still there and to a degree more refined than ever – perhaps even to much.

If this is your first Psycroptic contact and you love technical death metal then go for it. It’s a “must have”, though I would advise you to listen to “The Scepter Of The Ancients” too.

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Psycroptic – Alpha Breed

Psycroptic – Epoch of The Gods

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