Ram-Zet – Escape

Ram-Zet hail from Norway and therefore they play…. Progressive Metal? well they do throw in Death/Black/Industrial and of course some symphonic touches, mostly through the piano/violin combo, that and the dual vocals (harsh male/clean female), do create a Progressive metal kind of fusion, seems people are calling it Avant Garde Metal (or Schizo Metal/Experimental Metal), so let’s just have a look at “Escape”.

Well it all starts off with “R.I.P.”, and goddamn if it’s not a fantastic track, it starts with a Gothic like female serenade, then you are hit by that death metal/harsh vocals/clean vocals groove combo, followed by a violin guitar passage to another death metal section that just pours down to a piano female clean vocals, that builds to a metal spree/clean female vocals, and then back on the death harsh vocals than back onto the violin passage, then …. and we are just half way through the first song, suffice to say you get a … what the fuck moment 3 quarters way through, with a guitar solo/piano building up to a Gothic “we are all going to die” kind of thing, brilliant.

Am i going to review all the other tracks just like that, well no, but i can tell you that “Queen” is the single…i think, it’s kinda nice, but it’s more for commercial play, “The Claustrophobic Journey” is really a groovy track and the first with really good pace (they do have a tendency to stop and start playing something else, then stop again and play another thing, like in the first track), “Sound of Tranquility Peace?” is a good track as well, “The Seeker” is a beautiful track, death metal almost all the way through interchanging with calmer moments for the female vocals, and half way through, it has what i could describe as some kids toy like a sponge ball sound playing, and then some … i don’t know what that sound is, calming down near the end to build up to some funky death on the end, again great.

“Pray” is the death/gothic track, really nicely put and actually the most approachable on the track, again a beautiful heavy track uhhh “I’m Not Dead” is is a a pure mind bender, freaky and spooky, and heavy as shit, with a lot of bass work and it finishes perfectly, finally the last track “The Moment She Died”, and damn me if it’s not the perfect finishing track, heavy and unexpected, groovy as shit, finishes about 2 thirds in with a lot of strange sounds.

Ram-zet is one of the reasons i really enjoyed Unexpect, it has the same vibe, of experimentation, i can assure everyone, this is one hell of an album, sure it’s not perfect, but production is great, there is stuff for everyone (death/gothic/whatever) to enjoy, its a load of fun to listen, much more approachable than Unexpected, and i do love the clean female vocals, the violin work and the guitar work, hell everything was top notch, i know they have another album out (for like a year), but i still don’t have it, and i do really like this album, I’ll check the other one when i can get my hands on it, but for now, go and check this one out, please… pretty please.

Official Site Ram-zet | Video for Queen

Ram-Zet – Queen

Ram-Zet – The Claustrophobic Journey

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