Raunchy – Death Pop Romance

Ohhh my god the album name has a pop in it? hehehe, well it fits well, Raunchy is what i would call a pop metal band, sure it has influences from things like industrial, melodic death metal and a couple of other, there is however a bit of a departure from their first full length, being that on their first they seemed more…. how should i put it…. more alternative, you know with a less definable sound, with this new album it seems they have estabilized on a more trademarkable sound.

Death Pop Romance follows almost every time a very straightforward formula, pummeling tech/death metal, building up to an almost certain melodic chorus (normally with the extra electronics showing up at about that time to give that extra softness) all of this evolving around a sort of pop sensitivity, so nothing new, but its quite entertaining, and much like Fear Factory don’t expect too much expertise or technical stuff, well in this kind of music that would be a understatement, this is fuel for all the nu-metal/melodic death metal fans, i can point out some of the tracks, but i won’t, because i want to be a bit of a bastard, hehehe, anyway all the tracks are pretty good and the chorus part tends to have a nice balance between the metal and the harmony and that’s always nice (don’t you just hate Mnemic).

Well hell, if your into “new” In Flames, Mnemic or most of this “new age” tech metal, Raunchy are for sure one of the best, sure it’s a bit plain and it feels a bit uncomfortable, since they might be talking about very sad or angry things but it doesn’t get that much sentiment from me, its a bit difficult to relate to it, well maybe i need to break a bit of all these sleepless night listening to Norwegian Black Metal, hehehe, well you can listen on the mp3, it’s all there, if you like it, buy the album.

Raunchy – Abandon Your Hope

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