Sepultura – Dante XXI

Sepultura rocks, plain and simple, they always have and in my mind will always rock, now since the departure from Max Cavalera it has been a bit of a downhill battle, and worst is that they have the ability (well everyone except Max’s replacement) but they just did sub par work after sub par work, sure Max’s Soulfly has never been that impressive, but hell if you are going to keep the name at least keep it in the standard that Sepultura had all of us accustomed with, am i right?

So here it is Dante XXI (because Dante 05 was way to late), it seems this one is a concept album based on the three sections of Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy, Inferno (hell), Purgatorio (purgatory), and Paradiso (paradise),one thing i can say from the listening i had, Derrick Green is still there and his hardcore/punked lyrics/shouting/attitude is still there with all the good/bad thing that come with it, also that they went for a more thrash sound, well at least it’s more focused, and it’s a nice progression from the more thrash orientated Roorback, you can check this out from the “get go”, with tracks like “Burried Words” and “City of Dis” although Derricks …

Well i don’t know maybe it’s because of my knowledge of Max’s Sepultura, but or the music is downplayed or the voice/lyrics, one or another drops the ball every time, the first single “Convicted in Life”, actually sums up the album really well, it’s groovy, it’s straightforward, it’s good, but not great, the album goes between more hardcore forced tracks and more thrash oriented ones, i kinda liked “False” because it sounded original and old school with a nice and eery string section and probably “Ostia” because it’s catchy and has violins and i guess I’m a sucker for that kind of thing (mental note: gotta stop listening to black metal ehehehe).

Anyway new album, and it seems that the trip is not over, they surely don’t have their mojo working fulltime…well, Igor Cavalera drumming sounds like something coming from Metallica’s latest efforts, Derricks voice seems good for a metalcore/punk band and i don’t know it just doesn’t cut it, they should do better, like i said on the top, with the name comes great expectations, if they were nobodies i would say good try, being who they are, i can say I’m a bit disappointed, but hey, it’s not like i didn’t expect it from them… well at least they still rock on, there’s hope for the future heheheh.

Sepultura – Convicted in Life

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