Shadows Fall – The War Within

Shadows Fall hail from Massachussets and are probably still counting the damage done by Ivan the hurricane by now. Premiered in the music market with 97s Somber Eyes to the Sky (Lifeless Records), the band was represented by Century Media from the 2000 Of one Blood album on then came the 2001 Deadworld EP, 2002 Fear Will Drag You Down, 2003 The Art of Balance and the present freshman in so prolific a career: 2004 The War Within. Shadows are currently FALLing over Brian Fair (vocals), Matthew Bachand (guitar, vocals), Jonathan Donais (leas guitar, vocals), Paul Romanko (bass) and Jason Bittner (drums).

Actually the band needs almost no introduction, as SF have steadily built a reputation of their own. The War Within carries on the tradition of “Jumping Death Metal” energetic rhythms and occasionally interesting details make the whole. The songs are well written the musicians know their work and how to appeal. Add a little variation, good guitar work, vocals ala Soilwork and the members of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal tour sum up in two names: Shadows Fall. You may as well expect superb sound and thrashy outlines, but this is hardly anything new, given the fact that this is the band’s fifth studio album (including Japan-only release) and there is a big label behind.

The War Within was one of the most anticipated releases of the year 2004 and the final outcome is likely to please old and new metal fans alike, as there is a touch of “new-is” music to it. Powerful though the vocalist and joint venture between the three vocalists are, the fact remains that the more melodic vocals are a bit cheesy.

Should you be considering buying the War Within, let it be known that the limited initial pressing of the album is available as double digipak and includes a bonus DVD. While not being terrific, the War Within should keep the fans satisfied.

Shadows Fall – Inspiration On Demand

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