Soulfly – Dark Ages

Yes, Dark Ages indeed, why Max, why so many years until you gave us something worth while, Sepultura was the rocks, Soulfly was it’s ugly sibling, with only one chromosome, even thought as it seems the best one, so days were indeed dark, many many days, years and albums passed, the music just got worse and worse, there were some occasional glimmers of hope, but all the same the demise seemed inevitable, that’s when Mr Max “set up us the bomb“.

So how are those Dark Days, after a short intro on “The Dark Ages”, we get the party rolling with “Babylon” very nice…it almost seems like Sepultura, with it’s groove and Max’s voice, very straight forward, then we go into “I and I” that follows the same path, now we’re rocking, uhhh guitar solo and all, lets have a look at “Carved Inside” uhhh nice and groovy, this is some good thrash, ohhh and with another kick ass guitar solo.

We jump right into “Arise Again” ohhh so appropriate on this album, the album goes on and on with some really well made thrash, mixing and meshing, with the russian inspired “Molotov”, or just straight with “Frontlines” or “Fuel The Hate” and the almost Biohazard like “Corrosion Creeps”, great stuff, then you mix in some other more “alternative” stuff Soulfly do tend to produce with the likes of “Riotstarter” with a more electronic meets tribal feel, or the boring interlude (The) March or the already trademark long instrumental on the end of albums with “Soulfly V”.

There ya go Max, did you need this many years to do another decent album? and you still say this are dark ages? these are the best days you could have, finally your making decent music, now this an album that every boy and girl can enjoy, don’t get me wrong it could always be better, but for sure now i can enjoy some Soulfly and say that name with more confidence, even the more “alternative Soulfly stuff” can be enjoyed if not in excess, this is what you do best, this is for sure your best album since you and Sepultura parted ways. Brother, just keep them coming.

Soulfly – Carved Inside

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