Textures – Drawing Circles

I really like Textures, i loved their first album, their 3 way combination of Thrash/Calc Metal/Melody was a great listen (with lot’s of hints of Meshuggah), now with the new album you get a surprise it seems they (i suppose for the need to combine everything to a more trademark sound) went a different way, it sounds more like an metal experimental album, than a full fixture, thought the sound does seem more mature, the truth is it lacks the one two punch of a purer form of thrash/calc metal, and with it and the prolonged necessity for melodic passages it lacks much of the brutal aggression they once possessed.

Now for “Drawing Circles”, it does seem the album is divided from the heavier start of the album until midway when it starts to drag…, the album starts with “Drive” a bad choice in my book since it’s a bit slow and doesn’t start off the album as it should, now we get to the funky “Regenesis” now this is some groovy more fast paced music, if not for the 2 minute melodic interlude, it could have been a better song, through the album they tend to exaggerate on the melodic parts, normally just cutting all together the pace of the songs and becoming extremely predictable, now we get to “Denying Gravity” my favorite, with some bizarre rifting/drumming it’s quite the listening, well until half way trough when they just let the music die on the melodic side, well i guess i like half the song, that and the next track “Illuminatio” just again cute the pace of the album, with get a messy slowed down track with “Stream of Consciouness” and another melodic interlude with “Upwards”.

At this point i start to wonder if the is going to be more than 4 minutes of real music in this album, i’m not going to bash melodic music in general, but if i want to listen to soothing music i would choose to talk about “Sigur Rós” or something, what kind of metal album is this? you must be joking, the rest of the album is much of the same.

So if you’re up to 8 or so minutes of blazing metal with 40 minutes of soothing melody (i’m exaggerating), then this is the album for you.

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Cover Textures – Drawing Circles

Textures – Regenesis

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  1. I think this album is kind of boring. I would expect more from this guys. Instead, is more of the same but worse. They say 3rd album is decisive to a band. You go up or you drown. I think they are about to drown on their 2nd.

  2. You mean third attempt, well it is boring if your going, expecting to listen to metal, because there is very little of it, when there is, i think it’s good, but it simply too little, if they had done an EP it would have been groundbreaking kick ass, for an album, it’s average at best.

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