The Autumn Offering – Embrace the Gutter

Ahh, The Autumn Offering? hailing from sunny Florida? and I’m doing this review closer to winter?, well anyway, with such a name what can you expect… you guessed it right, Metalcore, sure they add a lot of other things, and you can cut it anyway you like it, but it’s Metalcore with bit of other things, this is their second album “Embrace the Gutter”, let’s see if its any good.

After a brief “Prologue”, you get “Decay” and what can i say they sure pick nice names, it’s quite the trailblazer, what were they thinking!, I’ll just make some weird guitar riffage and then we’ll get it going, that will be wack, yeah it’s great, if your paralyzed from the neck up, this should be added to the music guide books on “when not to play a guitar solo”, then you get the “The Yearning”, and beat me with a stick if it’s not a another weird track, it all sounds like “live drunk God Forbid doing their last gig of a 2 year tour and they just want to get it over with”, it sounds bad, I’m starting to think it’s not me, it’s these fuckers, “Embrace the Gutter” another shitty track? oh god when they start the chorus i just started laughing, this is just silly, all of it, solos included, oh god i never though Metalcore could sound soo shabby (and this one is downstairs, listen to it, and then say if I’m not right), next please…

“Ghost” is more of the same, just with the added “happy meal” solo guitar, “Misery” is scaring me with it’s Static-X start, with that intro, i just know it’s going to be shitty…. and shit it is, “This Future Disease” is more of the same, “One Last Thrill” well a somewhat nice track, nothing much, although i think i could be losing my ability to judge good music, with every single moment i listen to this “thing”, I’m gonna play it backwards to see if the devil is speaking, “No End in Sight” oh gawd at least the comic relief from the track names keeps me going, well anyway another shit poor job, “Walk the Line” is … “Final Cut” is the final track, and i just don’t fucking care, it has piano or something in the middle, fuck it.

This is what i would call some uninspired metal, it’s kind of ripping Trivium or something, but at least those boys have skill, this is just embarrassing. This is what i think… if you don’t know what to do, don’t add a guitar solo, don’t add a breakdown, don’t make a silly melodic chorus, just trash it and a make a new track, this album seems like they forage the woods for every bit of shit they could think, to stick in the freaking album, and just add some random guitar riffs to tie it all together, but it seems foraging for shit makes a shitty album, so if you start smelling something fishy, run for your lives.

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The Autumn Offering – Embrace the Gutter

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