Tool – 10000 Days

I have a kind of hate love relation with Tool, i do realize they are talented folk i just don’t seem so interested on their sound, their prowess is without question but they seem to have found a formula and they are sticking to it, my way of enjoying music is based on 2 concepts, quality and originality, and for me originality is long gone with Tool.

So how does “10000 Days” holds up? Well really good, since they are excellent musicians, the album starts with “Vicarious” and there is no way you can’t be infatuated with this sound, so crystal clear so tempered and balanced, things do tend to fall into place when you listen to Tool, after a couple of minutes i was already balancing my head back and forward, its that nice and smooth Tool sound, then comes “Jambi” and that goes into that oh so predictable Tool formula, nice beginning never ending simplistic music with vocals in background, half original in 1992, now completely overdone, then we go to the over sized interlude with “Wings For Marie (Pt 1)” and “10000 Days (Wings Pt 2)”.

I really enjoy almost 18 minutes of interlude when a album is just beginning, after that “joy ride” they give us the “o so well named” “The Pot” (yeah the 18 minutes made me picky), what the fuck he is saying? “High High, you must have been High High” sure i am high, with brilliant lyrics like that, over the most boring riff I’ve ever heard, after the longest and soonest interlude in the history of music, sure I’m high, Tool are fucking mind readers, and just when I’m wondering what’s coming up next with “Lipan Conjuring”, ohh fuck another interlude, what the fuck, are they gonna spend all day making idiotic sounds, ohhh excuse me mind blowing innovating, transcendental idiotic sounds, i forgot I’m talking about Tool, lets just skip that, and go straight to “Lost Keys”, OHHH YOU FUCKS, YOU DIDN’T, another fucking interlude, with more idiotic random samples, goddam.

Here we go “Rosetta Stoned”, hey finally one of those uninspired Tool songs, it only took, 39 minutes of white noise to get it, now let’s have a look at “Intension”, ohhh no not another…ohhh 2 minutes later he started singing, thank god, that was some scare, ok…where’s the rest of the band, ohhh it’s that kind of interlude, ohhh how nice, so “Right in Two” must be a song…somewhere, really slow buildup to full band workout, well again the formula, well at least it’s not another interlude, let’s check “Viginti Tres” ohhh that’s just perfect, more 5 minutes of strange noises, to any of the Tool band members that might see this, just one tiny note, you know that white noise and all those sissy things are just used to enhance music, they are not fucking music, not in fucking rock, you made an album with 4 songs, and only 2 are decent, you dumb excuse for a band.

So what can i add, what can i say, Tool failed miserably to capture me, yeah i know, sacrilege, but as i said before Tool always sounds the same because they always play the same, they seem to be milking the cow till it’s bone dry, every flare or originality is gone, how many times can you sing quietly and build up a song the same way, even the riffs seem dry, there is a complete lack of substance, its music for musics sake, don’t get me wrong, it’s a Tool album, and Tool fans will probably like the 2 songs, but i assure, even those are dull and devoid.

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Tool – Vicarious

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  1. I think you lack the proper equipment to understand and realize who and what TOOL stand for. Therefore, you should never again give a review on any content that is on a much greater level, of that you will never achieve!!

  2. That is very presumptuous of your part, maybe i do have all the proper “equipment” and you are the one obsessed with this band, therefore lack the emotional distancing for a clear and honest judgement, however you should have in mind that this “review” is of course exaggerated, there are good things on Tool’s 10000 Days, i just think the not so good things are of more relevance.

  3. It may be true, the ” formula” But I think thats what we all like about Tool!! The distinct sound that they got going!! In my opinion, thats originality!! Tell me about another band that has stuck with the same sound that hasn’t sold out!!!

  4. First, calling someone a “fag” just shows the level of maturity we are talking about and basically anything else you might say is irrelevant, since the need to use foul language is to compensate for lack of arguments.

    Second, “thats what we all like about Tool” how do you know? don’t say things you know nothing about…in this case the opinion of all the tool fans.

    Third, the relation between a distinct sound and originality is pretty thin, bands like korn, deftones, have their distinct sound and they were somewhat original, but now, they continue with their “trademark” sound, however there is a complete absence of originality.

    Fourth, is there any mention in my opinion, that Tool has sold out? that’s just your opinion, i just say that this much hyped album fails miserably, also i can tell you several bands, that with time just got better, Meshuggah, Lamb Of God, Mastodon, Gojira, or if you need more alternative acts, Aphex Twin.

  5. your an absolute, fucking, retard. I dont even know why i’m wasting my time with this but, i know for a fact that any true Tool fan would agree with me. Not you. Any thing you say is irrelevant. ‘Cause your about the shittiest reviewer ever!! Why dont you get a real job and stop wasting peoples’ time?!!?

  6. Wow man, i can’t believe that you would even waste your time writing some bullshit excuse of a review. Ok, lets play things your way:

    FIRST- You are already barking up the wrong tree. Look at how many new-age, punk rock, alternative, whatever the fuck you wanna call them bands have made it big selling some whiny, look at me, im a bitchy teenager and i have problems like the rest of the world, but im gonna put my shit out there just in case you might give a shit crap that they call music. You know as well as i do that people have, what i like to call, “real problems” and i dont need to listen to someone else’s bullshit. Putting annoying as fuck sounds that get stuck in your head, and a course thats more than 50% of a song, does not make you a good band, im sure that you agree from your obvious “masters” in music theology.

    SECOND- Just in case you were wondering, which from your past comments, you probably dont give a shit, but i do look at everything with an open mind. Im not the biggest tool fan out there, but i think that 10000 days has a lot to offer. Originality is not an issue, becuse they are already original enough that they really dont have to change too much to be original, i mean, if its not broke, dont fix it right?

    THIRD- im not trying to be judgemental, but it seems to me like you dont even have a major interest in the genre that tool is in. Its like me listening to some 3rd world country hippy jazz, and saying that it made me want to shoot myself with a 50. cal but if its not even in my interest, why would my opinion make a fuck anyways?

    FOURTH- The review that you wrote up for this is complete bullshit. It seems to me like you have nothing else better to do than to psycoanalyze something down to the t. Im mean, I see music is a way of expression, and feeling. If you walk into a room and you hear something thats good, most people wouldnt care if it was country, rap or anything in between. Any normal person wants to feel music and take it for what its worth, not listen to it to bust it down. If you dont like it, thats fine, obviously, people arent going to like every kind of music, but that doesnt mean that you should sarcastically break the band to pieces and put your own fucking two cents in. I mean, who the fuck are you to judge someone that is …..oh lets see, loved by millions, inspirational to people, making more in one day than you do in a few years, and well, not judgemental to people that really dont make a fuck to them. Other than that….good job fucktard, keep it up, hope a bus hits you.

  7. Making little sounds and stuff yeah that’s pretty cool. It’s real music. I can do that kind of music also. When taking a dump.

  8. Sorry “XXmoto909XX” but there is really no point on me talking back to you, if you can’t talk without being rude, there is no point in or anybody else talking back.

    Now Bones, Well, there is a point, i said it on the post and i said it here on the comments, i don’t talk about whatever, because it’s good, i talk about whatever interests me, be it good or bad, and i did like tool, now…i’m not too sure.

    Your first comment, yeah that’s for sure, there are way to many bands that have absolute no originality in their lyrical content, as you can see i didn’t have any problem with tools lyrics except the fact that some of the songs are “about being sad, doped or what” and are a little to plain, i expected more from Tool, just that.

    Your second comment, i’m not open minded? shit don’t confuse open mindedness with the music itself, shit i can listen to britney spear…shit if they play it enough times on the radio i might even sing the chorus, is it good music? NO… it has as much relevance as a publicity jingle, i’m open minded enough to listen to something several times before writing about it, as well as listening to previous albums from the same band/individual, i’ve also heard from all kind of genres, from metal to rock to electronic to jazz, my tastes are diverse and quite eclectic, but as with everything in life, it’s my opinion, some people might agree, some people like you, won’t, as i said before i didn’t like it that much, and i don’t think it has a lot to offer, also the premise “if a thing is not broken don’t fix it”, is not the same as being original, since playing the same thing for 10 year is not original, at least for me.

    Your third comment, of course, its my taste, you think just because it’s not the same as yours, that my taste or view are wrong, that is a catch 22.

    Your fourth comment, well again it’s my opinion, thank god, that you saying it’s bullshit doesn’t make it so, i do have a tendency to analise things, like some people like to listen because the sound is nice, my way of appreciating music is quite structured, and multi-layered, but that’s me, there are a million ways to enjoy it, and each person is different, you’re assumptions that everyone listen and enjoy the same way are indeed flawed.

    Why can’t i “sarcastically break the band to pieces and put your own fucking two cents in”? is it not my right? didn’t i liked the band before, to care to write my “fucking two cents”, just because they aren’t your “fucking two cents”, well sorry about that, but until now, no one has given me a reason to change my opinion, so my view of the album remains the same.

    Who the fuck am i?, Who the fuck are you to judge me?, are you better than me? are a band…any band above the individual?….

    They make a lot of money? sure they do, does it make them better musicians or is the album better, for me, NO.

    Thank you, i do my best to be impartial and concise on my posts, glad you liked it, ohhh and the personal insults, well they just make your comment even less credible, if your so, not “judgemental” as you pointed out, you wouldn’t be so upset to the point of insulting me.

    Have a nice one, and thank you for visiting ^_^.oO(well at least Nebulous thinks i’m right)

  9. Ha ha ha thats what i figured you would say. Nothing personal friend, but i threw the insults in there just to make you respond. Ha ha ha, i actually agree on your outlook and your open-mindedness. Im not ignorant enough to see that you dont have an intellegent opinion on things. BUT, on this particular review, i do disagree. Of course, like you said, everyone has their own opinion, and that is this websites job or yours, to voice your opinion and people can take it for whats its worth, or just trash it. Anyways, good on ya man. Watch out for that bus. ^_^

  10. Fiend, I admire your brutally honest review, however I feel that you may be being a bit TOO harsh on the poor band. You spend far too much time ‘complaining’ and not ‘reviewing’.
    I believe that the originality that you mention you crave in rock bands is completely nonexistent. ALL bands pretty much stick to their signature sound, because that is who they are. Deftones will always be Deftones in the same way that Tool will always be Tool. I challenge you to name one band that has effectively transcended beyond their initial sound to the point of actual originality.
    Tool IS evolving, but not in the way that many fans would like. I believe that is the reason many fans will be disappointed with this album. Manyards only mistake was in using Tool as the sounding board for subject matter that would have been much more refined and appreciated if it were A Perfect Circle in the studio. As a Tool fan, I was hoping Manyard would be mad as hell when he re-entered the studio with Tool. Instead, with the death of his mother heavy on his mind, he decided to create an ode. I never wanted for Tool to be an ‘ode’ band. But that’s just me being selfish.
    I admit that as a whole, 10000 days does not stand on it’s own when weighed against anything else the band has released. However, it is not pure garbage. There are diamonds in the rough (as you mentioned), and though they are few and far between, they are definitely worth a listen for Tool fans. Newcomers need not apply.
    Of course, you’ve said that already in your own sweet way. LOL.
    Many moons ago, as a reviewer for my college newspaper, I was given a CD to review that I thought was dreadful. The entire thing was just noise, no coherent lyrics, no melody, nothing. I ripped it to shreds. Months later I got a chance to see this dreadful band as an opening act and, lo and behold, onstage these guys were the most incredible thing I had ever heard. I felt like an ass. I just didn’t get it. There are more ways to appreciate music than to just stick it in your CD player and push ‘play’. Maybe the new Tool CD IS a piece of garbage. Or maybe, just maybe, you don’t get it.
    Again, let me state that I respect your opinion, and in many areas feel the same way you do (damn interludes!). However, I am a Tool fan and feel that 10000 days deserves a little more respect than was given by your ‘review’. Thanks for the read, Fiend.

  11. “I challenge you to name one band that has effectively transcended beyond their initial sound to the point of actual originality.”


  12. I already said i exaggerated, but that was my point, why would i make a tepid review or no review at all just because i didn’t like the album, its always in bad taste to offend peoples tastes and pleasures, i know that, but i also like to tell things like i see them, maybe with my words will make some Tool fans think a little bit more about this subpar album from Tool, instead of just blindingly taking it,your are right when you say this would be better form A Perfect Circle, if this was a A Perfect Circle album my review would be that much different.

    I do believe in originality, just because there are many that just drive on the sound they know, that sells, there are many that don’t, is Tool is apparently trying something different?, maybe, but their single is a pure Tool track (hell you can see on my review, i liked it), why is that?, if fans buy the Album they will surely be confused because the rest of the Album doesn’t match…is this being truthful? or doesn’t this appear to be what i said … somewhat milking the cow.

    As i also said before, and loads of people pointed out, Tool’s live show is a different beast, for sure, but this isn’t a live review, and doesn’t make presumptions about their ability as musicians, however, most songs are weak, the album has no pace, and it feels as a complete wreck, so the live show might have a couple of older songs just to make a more balanced set, sure it has a couple of gems, even some of the more soft tracks, but overall is quite irritating, boring, and for sure i won’t come rushing back to listen to Manyard talking on the background for 5 minutes, if that’s music…its debatable, if that’s Tool, for sure NO.

    Thanks, drfaustus for the visit and comment.

  13. NEBULOUS, i cant think of any at this momment. the best example would be metallica, but only from kill’em all up to the black album. they’re the biggest dissapointment for me. though im still goin to see them play in august with deftones, afi, tool, linkin park, avenged sevenfold, stone sour, and many more in tokyo! fuck yea!! two days of straight partying! it’s about time we got a decent show out here!!

    [edited by: fiend | reason: don’t use all caps]

  14. I really liked this album!Yeah,it has a lot of interludes,but they sound great!For me,this is an album to be listened very loud and with our eyes closed ‘cause it’s so intense!
    I have one question…what is an original band?Meshuggah,of course,but they use the same formulas over and over again!But Meshuggah IS THE BAND!!! Besides them,where are those original bands???Every single band sounds like some other band,and so on,and so on.That’s music History,Meshuggah as well! Nowadays they sound different,but their path led them to this.Psykisk Testbild and Contradictions Collapse are somewhat similar to those old thrash bands like Metallica! Even so, to me,they are original as hell!And even if they release 20 more “catch 33” albums,they will always be original.The same goes to Tool,Deftones,Korn…
    Or to be original,you must reinvent yourself over and over again,just to be able to release today an original rock album,tomorrow an original pop album,and in the next week a great and original R&B album? Diferent formulas!lol ;)

  15. Well Ita, there are loads of really original bands, and there are loads of bands that are not that original but are good, i think tool with this album passed from one category to the next one, i’m glad you like the album, but what you said hasn’t changed my mind.

    Regarding Meshuggah, sure their first albums were much more thrash than progressive metal, but as you see/listen, with each new album they have always improved on the formula they’ve created, like you said bands have to try to reinvent themselves so to be fresh and not to become completely dull (yeah Nile i’m talking about you).

    However, and there is always a “however” the fact that a band tries to reinvent themselves or improve on their sound, is not always a good thing and not always has good results, one thing is not the conclusion of the other, so if Meshuggah does a shitty album, you can be sure i’ll call it shitty, since bands like Korn, Deftones and Tool have drop of the original bandwagon and are now on the money train.

    Original Bands? Well … Meshuggah, Don Caballero, Gojira, Mastodon ….

  16. Did you read what i wrote?

    Vicarious is basically the only good thing…and it’s the single? weird? it’s just sad…

    thanks for the visit ^^

  17. this man below me knows what he’s talking about, spoken like maynard james himself

  18. hello,
    i am an iranian interested in music and metal.i would like to know if there’s any possibilities i use some of your comments and reviews on songs and links to mp3 downloads?of course this will not be a word by word translation of your comment but a mixture of reviews i have read on net with my opinion about that song.

  19. I have not yet heard this album yet, nor am i huge Tool fan but………simply put “to each their own”.

    I like what i like, period, regardless of joe blows, or bobs opinion is of whatever that may be, eg. music choice, clothes, housing, cars…etc. I do not think i should apologize, and i am glad that the reviewer didn’t for merely having an opinion on something (it just so happens that in this case there is a public forum based on the job of the reviewer). Accept their view point, as well as mine and Joe blows opinions, as long as those opinions are not hurting anybody or causing damage to anybody.

    A simple difference of opinion should be met w/ mutual respect (under most circumstances) by the dis-agreeing parties to try to reach a resolution or just accept the fact that everybody can have different tastes and preferences (in whatever that may be). :D

  20. yep… thats the point… no sugar coating, if i think it sucks ill just say it, if i think its great… the same way, doesn’t mean i’m right just that its what i think ^_^

  21. Wow, just cant seem to escape bad reviews by fiend.

    Please fiend, give up.

    Once again, if you want good music, make sure fiend gives it a bad review first.

    10,000 days is yet another amazing album from Tool.

  22. well i think its more you are having a bad day, and i’m sorry to say i won’t give up, not my kind of thing, see not everyone agrees with everyone, and i for once like to say my peace, it doesn’t mean i’m right, it’s just what i think, you don’t like it? well you are free to fuck off, and yeah 10000 days is a shitty album by a pretty awesome band, and that’s the truth… want to change my mind? try saying something good about the album instead of insulting someone as freaking awesome as me ^_^ cause unlike you i’m pretty open to other peoples input and it wouldn’t be the first time someone would change my mind, you just have to give a rational and intelligent reply hehehehe

  23. Even though I disagree with you about your review, at least you put up an intelligent argument. I can’t believe somebody had the audacity to put Metallica as a band that stayed original over the years. Also, comparing Jambi to anything Tool did 15 years ago seems to be a bit of a drastic contrast. Maybe comparing it to AEnima would be a little more apt. Some original bands/musicians? I’d say MF Doom, Mr. Bungle, and my best example: Opeth. Listen to Opeths new album, and try and tell me its the same as any of their last albums. They constantly evolve their sound, album after album (and the music is great too).

    PS: Listening to 10,000 days on mushrooms might make the interludes more entertaining. Seriously! I recommend it

  24. i completely agree with Ita on listening to the interludes loudly with your eyes closed. I listen to the CDs straight through on car rides and it is fine.

  25. heheh, come on… listening to music while driving is not a way to know if the music is good or not, even white noise sounds good in a car ^-^

  26. ok mate firstly, your a complete cockhead, and linkin park is probably your favourite band you faggot. TOOL is the greatest band to ever live, 10 000 days has so much fucking meaning, that you will never get, so before you start saying this band is shit, take your 2 fingers out of your ass and die is all i really have to say. thanx for a great reveiw you fuck.

  27. hum? do you see linkin park anywhere on the site? its not my fault you have bad taste and apparently secretly love linkin park… jeezzz and all that ass/fagot homoerotic talk… hahaah

    well anyway, last time i checked insulting someone just means you dont have a good arguments to begin with, so you are not going to change my opinion about this, ohh and you are welcome ^_^

  28. You are a nobody who doesn’t understand good music, I doubt you even play any at all. Try and release an alblum first and then talk your cynical, unimaginative garbage.

  29. ohhh? insults just destroy any good argument you could have, sorryyyy

    besides at least i don’t just listen to one band or music style and think they are the end of all ends of music, bahhh i never said that tool are a shitty band, they aren’t, they just made a shitty album, it happens, you don’t like my assessment? at least i was somewhat impartial and gave my reasons, what do you give me to change my mind? rightttt ^_^’

  30. I think “originality” is a matter of opinion. Nothing is really “original” ; I would look for “honest” music rather than “original” music, and that goes for every form of art. And I DO think Tool are honest musicians, that means, they just *transmit* something that exists *beyond* them and do NOT try to be enjoyable. kind regards

  31. of course… but im not saying they are shit, just that they made a shitty album, that’s of course my opinion, im sure Tool fans think its awesome and a masterpiece ^_^’

  32. i personally think that this reviewer is god awful, and cant spell for anything…but thats just me. i also think that he/ she doesnt know what theyre talking about when it comes to tool……..just about all of theyre songs are original, and made to fuck with your mind, its not that theyre making “noises” theyre taking your mind on a journey of sorts through theyre music. That is theyre musical purpose

  33. and here comes a grammar nazi, iz not my grammer gud? sowwyyy, besides if i make any point across, it really doesn’t matter much if my diction wasn’t perfect, and like i said before its my own opinion, doesn’t mean I’m right, and what i said isn’t as restrictive as it would seem, if you see the album or music in general as some sort of mystical journey, that’s cool, especially if you enjoy the ride, but in this case i don’t, and we can leave it at that ^_^ thanks for the comment and visit!

  34. I 100 percent disagree with this review but that doesnt make the reviewer the antichrist lol beauty is in the eye of the beholder and she is obviously not as “open-minded” as some people. Tool is an acquired taste, like a fine aged wine. But the reviewer is obviously more into childish drinks with the same sugar-coated taste as the last.

  35. what you say? someone drop us the bomb, we get time! well you are always welcome to disagree, i disagree with christ, that doesn’t make me anti- … i think… and Tool has its moments, just this album wasn’t one of them…

  36. Musicians make music, critics review music and pretend they know what they are talking. Simple. Fact of the matter is; you should listen to what you like regardless what a pretentious buffoon says. We all know the critic/reviewer is wasting his own time. Heaven knows critics don’t change opinions but instead try to act like what they say matters they are basically guys with bluetooth headsets talking loud so the rest of us will be forced to hear them.

  37. so says the guy that calls himself “A Smart Guy”, as i always said, its my opinion, ill change it if you say something intelligent to refute what i say, not if you make general assumptions about your and other peoples understanding of music… and we leave it at that ^_^

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