Trendkill – No Longer Buried

Why am i picking this one up? well hehehe, after that review of By Night, i checked them out and found …Trendkill?, well it has 2 members of By Night and the Drummer from Anata, interesting, hummm, well they play a sort of hardcore meets metalcore (wait that sounded too bad to be true…), i guess but i can point out right away that they sound a lot like they are not from the same continent as you might aspect, if i didn’t check it out, i could have swore they were Americans, with all the good and bad that could come from it, so let’s have a look on “No Longer Buried”

Oh shit, this is… nothing especial… the album starts with “Judge Me Now” so i will, it’s not bad per say, it reminds me of a mixture of Hatebreed and Machine Head, its catchy but not to the point of infatuation, my initial feeling gets right on the money with “Dedication”, its very moshable and enjoyable just like Hatebreed, simplistic and straight to the point with some interesting touches outside of the straight up commercial hardcore, “Timeless Quality” is more of the same, mosh bouncy music, loads of screaming, “Break The Silence” yeah you guessed it right, more of the same, at least they changed it, with a bit more Hardcore, “One Step Closer” as some more bouncy riffage and some interesting guitar work, nice one, “Walking Dead” is almost straight hardcore, “Headshot” … seems like they are losing steam, it’s quite a boring hardcore track, “From The Beginning” humm, more of the same, it seems as it goes on, the album gets more hardcorish, I’m hopping for a group shout chorus on the next one hehehehe, “Nothing For Granted” , well not chorus shout outs, but pretty straight vanilla hardcore.

This actually feels like a striped down “By Night” Album, by stripped down, i don’t mean worse (but in this case it is), i mean they took much more things than the things they added, and it feels like it, a good try and enjoyable couple of listening, production wise its good, the guitars sound pretty hardcore, the drumming is…ok, the vocals are normal, the rest sucks hehehe, I’m kidding, well its a good effort and if your into this, you might as well give it a try.

Official Site | Video for Break The Silence

Trendkill – Dedication

Trendkill – Walking Dead

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  1. Heard it about three times. hmmm nothing special. By Night is way better. I listen to it and nothing happens. Well, just a strong urge to press skip.

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