Unearth – III: In The Eyes Of Fire

Ahhh Unearth, the bastard child of metalcore, seems I’m one of those people that tend to look at metalcore with a critical eye, but Unearth is one of those bands that just doesn’t let me bash the genre to death, why? well the boys have skill, sure other bands have skill as well, but they have in my view, the skill required to play metalcore, they are not overly technical, but they show a prowess to explore the genre, that few seem to possess, so a new album, uhhh i hope it’s something good.

After having a go at “III: In The Eyes of Fire” one thing is certain this is heavier, darker and much more violent, and i say that in a good way, with all of this also comes something not that common with metalcore, it’s a more difficult listening, it lacks that immediate appeal, but it seems just like crack after a couple of listening you won’t need anything else, the album starts with “This Glorious Nightmare” and slap me silly if it isn’t just plain old Unearth even with the “oh we need to stop for a minute to insert some slower groovy shit”, its good…it’s really good, then comes “Giles” and this one really shines, heavy, more uncompromising, the vocals are tight as hell, same goes for the guitars, “March of the Mutes” comes next … and it is some good shit, catchy as hell, then “Sanctity of Brothers” that is basically thrash … hey the boys play some cool thrash hehehe, sure it does eventually go to the more “core” of metalcore, but its a great tune nonetheless, full of original riffing, then “The Devil Has Risen”, this one is quick and dirty, again going for a more aggressive thrash, then metalcore, loads of breakdowns, cool, “This Time Was Mine” has a very impressive chorus guitar/voice combo, that goes into a stop go, damn that’s cool too, “Unstoppable” what can i say, impressive, this album just doesn’t cut corners, even though the sound seems to follow patterns, they just keep adding new stuff to the mix, keeping the pace quick and the sound fresh, great work.

Now comes “So it Goes” this one sounds like 100% Unearth, but that’s until the 0:30 mark were they just start ripping, as with most of their tracks the guitar just drives it home, and this time with an impressive solo, “Impostors Kingdom” again speeding it up, this one is just angry, “Bled Dry” again a good track, and again it seems to work on the same formula that has been used throughout the album, but still, it sounds completely original, it has everything, I’m in awesomeness state, oh no the album is almost over… “Big Bear and the Hour of Chaos” closes with a golden key, an instrumental track, just the way i like them, short and sweet.

What can i say, I’m impressed, in the land of the un-original there seems to be originality?, Well maybe there is future for us all, sure the bands that tend to do great things are the ones less constrained by the genres, that do music for musics sake, if it fits in gothic, metalcore or techno, then so be it, sure they do have a tendency to flourish or flourishments, what do i mean by that?, well they sometimes put stuff in just to say “look at me i can just rip this shit up when everyone is playing another thing”, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, and certainly you don’t need to do it that often and milk the damn thing, but that’s just my personal taste, this is an excellent album, border lining metalcore perfection, I’ve enjoyed it immensely, and it will remain on my listening library for a long time, so go on and fucking buy it.

Unearth – This Glorious Nightmare

Unearth – Giles

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  1. you are so right unearth is an original band in a sea of unoriginality i love this album and will listen to it for years to come

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