Urgehal – Goatcraft Torment

Opening track “Goatcraft Torment” starts up with “This is Satanic Black Metal”, so i guess they play…Satanic Black Metal? good to know, i won’t have to spend a couple of minutes figuring out what the heck are they playing, not that i have anything against black metal or now that i think of it Satan, i just think that’s silly to coin yourself from the get go, does it mean that all the tracks will be about Satan? like “ahh Satan took a shower GRRR and ate some infidels christians for breakfast YARRR” wait, now that i think of it…. that would be cool, well let’s head back to Urgehal‘s “Goatcraft Torment”.

“Goatcraft Torment” starts with that amusing “This is Satanic Black Metal”, i don’t know if that was the objective, but i find it amusing, tha and lyrics like like “die for satan”, maybe it’s me but who said that Satan cares, maybe if Urgehal says so, it must be true, hehehe, ok, ok i’ll stop with the funny business, music wise this is some well crafted black metal, i like the production, it’s clean and to the point, “Risus Sardonius” is again a solid track, with loads of blasting, “Antireligiøs” is again blasting black metal, great guitar work, and it seems they don’t just love Satan, they hate everyone else’s “religion”, “Dødsmarsj Til Helvete” is a bit more straight black metal track, slower pace but nice nevertheless.

“Satanic Black Metal In Hell” bring the blasting back with vengeance, it’s straight to fucking hell, i liked this one, “Nefastus Nex Necis” is actually the first classic black metal in the album, with all those nice touches, you know that eerie feel through, slightly melodic, short pattern blast, talking speed harsh vocals, with a touch of guitar solo, again a great track, “Gathered Under The Horns” is a another evil black metal track, with nice little touches that keep it fresh and moving, “Selvmordssalme” seems like the continuation of the later track, “Sentiment Of Chaos” brings the blasting and a bit heavier attitude, the last track “Et Steg Nærmere Lucifer” closes shop, it’s slow and methodic, i wouldn’t expect it any other way.

This is one kick ass album, loads of pace throughout, i know Urgehal have been around for ages, and the fact that they stick to their guns and drop quality material is always a good thing, they really loving Satan (and all that sodomy, children bashing, torture, general violence, you know all that great “evil” stuff Satan apparently endorses) doesn’t seem to influence too much on the quality of the music, and that’s for me the most important aspect, because this is solid black metal album, hell even though I’m not that much into black metal this one had me headbanging a couple of times.

Urgehal – Satanic Black Metal In Hell

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