Urkraft – The Inhuman Aberration

Humm, seems Urkraft hails from Denmark, does that mean… oh yeah that’s on the north… so? it must be Death Metal ehhehe, kidding or not, Urkraft brings us a interesting mix of Melodic Death Metal with a but load of thrash into the mix, not that I’m unfamiliar with the mix, but i actually don’t remember someone that might fit, for comparison i mean, maybe… At the Gates? … well no, no matter, so here comes “The Inhuman Aberration”, its not their first album, but it’s my first listen, and probably yours as well, so lets have a look.

It all starts with “Too Strong For the Strongest Lord”, hummm, interesting, a bit industrial meets thrash meets death, it’s actually good, not brilliant, but solid, nice touches with the atmospheric stuff, “This Great Summer” is a bit deja vu? i can swear I’ve listen to the starting riff, somewhere, nevertheless another good track, very smooth and by the numbers, “The Only Gods” is very similar to the first track, great drive and great synth work, with a somewhat interesting solo, then comes the title track “The Inhuman Aberration”, much more thrashy, all the way through, again good, again not great, “Open Gate” is way more interesting, great pace and a bit more technical than the rest, combines almost perfectly their blend of death/thrash, “Come No Tomorrow” is also interesting with more synth work, “Watch your Own Eyes” is by the numbers again, “Liberation” is more thrashy again, i actually enjoy more when they go for their more thrash side, “Forsaken” is more of the same, good stuff, “The Pressure of Our Jaws” finishes it off nicely, thrash all the way through.

Two things come to mind, first they are a bit too straightforward and a bit too predictable, to the point of being eerie the way i can predict whats going to happen next, well it’s like milking cows, it’s all good, but it’s nothing new, always with the guitar solos at the predictable places, always the chorus in place, not that i don’t enjoy it, this is good stuff, but I’ll probably won’t keep it for that long in rotation, so if your into thrashier death metal, you might want to check it out, if your not, you might want to check Meshuggah’s latest heheheh.

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Urkraft – The Inhuman Aberration

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