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VAHLADIAN are not coming from Valhalla, although they certainly seem to be heading that way. September 1999 watched the planting of a seedling that blossomed in May 2002, by establishing a line-up consisting of Alberto Cases (bass), Alfonso del Corral (guitar), Carlos Ribes (guitar), Jlián Campos (drums), José M. Cebrián (vocals) and Pablo Barrios (keyboard).

The self-titled debut was recorded at the Torre de Marfil Studios (Valencia), produced by VAHLADIAN and mastered at El Cielo de Madrid (ARS AMANDI, amongst others).

The particularity in VAHLADIAN lies chiefly in the fact that the average band member’s age does not exceed twenty, yet these Spaniards achieve much with their playing and song-writing skills, for the present opus features ten tracks of Spanish-bred melody, presenting a mixture between Power Metal and the more complex Progressive Metal. Musically, VAHLADIAN are very heavily influenced by IRON MAIDEN, whereas vocals remind Spanish Heavy Metal, and ANGRA, RHAPSODY or METALIUM. The opener Áureo Lamento is very well accomplished and happens to be my favorite, but most songs have that necessary amount of catchiness that will make you hum some of the songs by the end of the first listen. Por la Sangre, Vida is not bad either. I do admit, however, that hearing “Puños de Acero” instead of “Fists of Steel” is somewhat anti-climatic, but that is a constant. The band sings in Spanish only.

VAHLADIAN also invited Jorge Salán for the guitar lead in Lágrimas Negras Parte 2. the end result is very pleasant indeed. Then there are lots of moments throughout the album where you sometimes feel you went 20 years back in time (such as the beginning of Reinas de la Oscuridad), which is very good indeed.

For first timers, Vahladian is fine and very much worth the listen.

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