YOB – The Unreal Never Lived

Unfortunately, YOB has been disbanded early this year. “The Unreal Never Lived” is their 4th and latest album [2005].
OK, so why am I writing about this one year old record? Because it kicks major arse and all of you doom lovers should listen to it.

So here we go!
“The Unreal Never Lived” ignites with “Quantum Mystic”. This eleven minutes song just rocks so much that I could listen to it all day. It has great riffs and a pace that induce us to headbang for eleven minutes. Amazing tune.

“Grasping Air” follows. This one starts with some more slow riffage. Doom style. Heavy and sick as hell. The doom pace goes trough out the all song. Near the end we have a solo section with great drama feeling. Another great song, no doubt.

Next in line is “Kosmos”. This one has a more hypnotic vibe. Good song tough a bit less interesting to me.

The record finishes with the twenty one minute track “The Mental Tyrant”. It’s a more melodic tune at first. It starts with some clean guitars. This goes on for about three minutes and then the overdrive steps in. The same ambience is explored until the point where the pace gets really slow. A new section evolves with a heavy dissonant riff. In the middle of the song we get to hear some more slow as shit riffs. Really heavy material going on. Sixteen minutes pass by since the beginning of the song and then one more slow heavy riff comes in and the drums turn a little bit “faster”. The song eventually ends [no shit!].

It’s incredible how YOB manage to, with slow – basic riffs, create tremendous songs. YOB are like the Black Sabbath of doom. Their riffs are so memorable. If you are into stoner doom then you should really listen to this amazing record.

YOB – Grasping Air

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