Perditor – In Signo Suo

PERDITOR was founded in 1997 by Azazel (bass, vocals) and Lord Sauron (guitar). Very much based upon the Satanist thought commando, the first demo Hell on Earth came out in 2000, featuring Vulgaris on drums. Several line-up changes afterwards, 2001 saw the release of Perdition, the demo that signed the band to Ordealis Records, through which they released yet this In Signo Suo.

Hmmm…. I cannot say whether it is a planned label policy, but many Ordealis bands choose album titles in Latin (check GHOLGOTH’s Somnus Mortis Imago or MÜTIILATION’s Majestas Leprosus).

What PERDITOR have to offer is probably more than just a musical release. The small amount of information I have gathered in the process points at a modern day VENOM way of life and music. Musically speaking, PERDITOR stroll down the alleys of early harsh BM with a number of Thrash influences (a very significant number of Thrash influences, in fact).

The next obvious step is considering this Dutch gathering as an old school act. Vocally, Cronos seems to have a semi-follower in Azazel, only the latter does have a voice of his own – and PERDITOR use backing vocals, as opposed to VENOM. I could swear I heard some mid-period MARDUK-inspired moments in In Signo Suo, then again it was probably an acoustic fata morgana.

Anyways, this unpolished recording I still much more listenable than most raw/ ‘true’ BM releases (my deepest trauma still is MAYHEM’s Pure Fucking Armageddon), and it sounds quite interesting. I cannot tell you much more about the band, because the promo pack does not include further information. However, you cand raw your own conclusions from tracks like Hellstorm, Nekromantik, Chaotic Demonic Raging Madness, Forthcoming Millennium and Empire of the Black (is this a reinforcement of anti-racist theories here?…).

PERDITOR will surely please fans of VENOM, DARKTHRONE, MAYHEM and some other acts deep into the old school BM spirit. Musically, PERDITOR did not convince me entirely, but either I think this is a rather good release.

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