Pest – Vado Mori

The Grave seems to have been positively flooded with decently above the average BM releases in the last couple of weeks. That two of the albums have been released by Ketzer Records cannot be just a coincidence.

The Germans (PEST) may stand metaphorically for the annihilation of humans and animals, and all creatures bound to be affected by the plague – and the music certainly corroborates this aspect. PEST sets to play Black Metal – chaotic, annihilating, motivating, devastating, the summons of hymns to the Dark Arts.

Vado Mori is a good follow-up to Ära, better on a number of levels, particularly in building the tension, creating cold music with an atmosphere of Doom and Darkness, surrounded by the Slivery Mist of Oblivion. Some sort of Hlidskjalf-era BURZUM, only faster and exclusively as the intro is concerned. The album starts acoustically, but most songs are violent BM assaults interspersed with interludes. The calm before the Storm. PEST had me on the third page of the booklet, with a quote from Edgar Allan Poe’s magnificent poem The Raven. Good taste, gentlemen. Good taste.

The Darkness leads Onwards and, untrue as it may sound, Mr Blasphemy (vocals), Alex (vocals, guitar, poetry), Scum (guitar, bass) and Mrkok (drums and keys) should be praised for so grim an offering. This is one of those albums with which you feel too many words will be a waste of time. Stick to the sound, stick to the concept. Stick to 45 minutes that blast their way to Hell.

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