David Gilmour – On An Island

The voice and guitar of Pink Floyd is back. And what a return!

David Gilmour didnt release a solo work since 1984 and as part of Pink Floyd since 1994. After almost fifteen years we, once again, can have the pleasure of listening to Gilmour’s voice and guitar work – I personally love his guitar solos, always have, always will.

This record starts with Castellorizon, a intro track that kind of sums the entire album. We can listen little sounds and passages from what is to come.

On An Island is just magical. We can almost feel like we are really on an island. This is such a beautiful song. Very warm voice and beautiful chorus. The final guitar solo is just one of David Gilmour’s best ever.

“The Blue” take us to a very romantic place. Another beautiful song. Richard Wright does the back vocals, bringing a old Pink Floyd feel to it. Once again, very cool guitar solo with Gilmour exploring some new effects.

The start of “Take a Breath” almost reminds me those “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” days! Then evolves to a new Pink Floyd feel “A Momentary Lapse of Reason” / “The Division Bell“.

“Red Sky At Night” starts with a sax solo with David Gilmour himself and links with “This Heaven”, a very nice rock, bluesy tune. In “Then I Close My Eyes” Gilmour show, once again, his romantic side. A very melodic song featuring several combinations of instruments and textures.

“Smile” is an acoustic song that seems like it came from the 1972 “Obscured By Clouds” album. “A Pocketful Of Stonesâ” starts with beautiful piano chords and Gilmour sings aside with his sweet voice. But soon evolves to some drama passages. It ends with one more remarkable guitar solo.

On An Island finishes up with “Where We Start”. Another beautiful, slow, romantic song.

Overall, David Gilmour shows with “On An Island” a more romantic side. This is not a pop oriented record like in the vein of Pink Floyd’s “Learning to Fly” song or like some other songs from his previous solo work. You will not listen to this album in the mainstream radios. This is a album for David Gilmour’s voice and guitar fans. If you love David Gilmour’s guitar solos, and his voice is the warmest sound you can remember, then you have to listen to this record.

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