Don Caballero – World Class Listening Problem

A pleasure as always, yeah most of the time the shifting repetition under the transcendental drumming, from Che, does tend to give the illusion of self indulgence, however it …. got you people fooled for a moment there, hehhe, anyways i thought they were “dead” seems i was wrong and thank whatever god you pray to, Don Caballero plays math rock, what is math rock? you might say, well wikipedia says it better than i could. were math rocks is “characterized by complex, atypical rhythmic structures, stop/start dynamics and angular, dissonant riffs.” and i believe Don Caballero were (and as it seems continue to be) in the foremost of this genre.

Seems the only original member was it’s most creative and energetic member, Damon Che drumming is for sure the driving force, everything revolves around it’s arrangements, without him it wouldn’t be the same, so how does “World Class Listening Problem” fares with time, quite good as it seems, there are still no vocals, but who cares, music is number one, and some times having vocals is worse than just jamming, and this is a jamming album, whatever the style of music you like, this is simply a delight, i won’t continue my rant, you’ll just have to listen to it, hehehe.

Are we listening to perfection? well the only way i can judge this is by their previous efforts, and it does seem they went a little bit safe, with what they know people would like, is it a bad thing?, noooo, well … maybe, at least for me Don Caballero is supposed to be adventurous to surprise me with weird arrangements, to lick my ears, to make me enjoy and think about music at the same time, and even thought i really enjoyed it, it didn’t made me forget about their later albums, well anyway, its a great album and i hope you people will really like it too (i promise it rocks, hehehe).

Don Caballero – Mmmmm Acting, I Love Me Good Acting

Don Caballero – Savage Composition

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  1. (Edited this one to add the Sludge genre)

    Very nice album. Neurosis / EyeHateGod fans will enjoy this one for sure.


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