Kaiser Chiefs – Employment

Kaiser Chiefs, well well well, play a very sparkly british pop/punk/rock with some help from synthesizers, so this is happy happy music for the happy happy people, how do i know them? were else, “Predict A Riot” was a constant on radio, and i’m not that a big listener but did get it a couple of times, these acts seem to be rolling like crazy, Franz Ferdinand does come to mind, but i have that tingly feel between my legs that this two aren’t all the bunch, so i drink a cool orange juice to get that happy happy feeling, before i listen to this album, am i going to see any riots?

The album starts with “Everyday I Love You Less And Less”, it has that feel of a jingle, quite catchy, even though this is a downer music i like it, it has a lot of synth in the mix, then comes the “beat to death” “Predict A Riot”, this is their trademark track, it has all, their lalala’s the super synth catchy chorus, and the downbeat lyrics, really nice and i still find it amusing, then comes “Modern Way”, with a conga or cowbell start hehehe, funny shit is it me or the songs don’t have anything to do with the lyrics, so this one is one of their more calm ones, nice, then comes “Na Na Na Na Naa”, well it’s na na na alright, another jingle like songs, a little bit silly, again loads of synth, “You Can Have It All” another slow one, “Oh My God” bring one of those…i think this is a cover from someone, well a little bit boring.

“Born To Be A Dancer” is again a little bit devoid, not that catchy, “Saturday Night” again a bit of a let down, this all seem to be unfinished and unbalanced, “What Did I Ever Give You?” carols? this album is getting a bit boring, songs don’t seem to have the same flare and imagination than on the start, “Time Honoured Tradition” ohh another jingle like song, well its a bit better, but not as much as the first songs of the album, “Caroline, Yes”, seems like another cover song, not that good, and again uninspired, last track “Team Mate” brings another slow calm song to finish it off, nothing really to add about this one.

Well kaiser for sure are a radio band, since a full length album seems to be too much for them, they seem to run out of steam, and tried to make up in the end … badly, the first part of the album is great and really catchy, but the rest is a shame, with really uninterestedly weak songs, so if you like itunes, buy yourself the first 4 tracks and you’ll be really happy happy (actually 3 of those are free downloads online, why is that?), or else …. just buy a used copy.

Kaiser Chiefs – Predict A Riot

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